The Formula’s Aimee Blaut On Stockholm’s Booming Beauty Scene

Rachel Adler
Images via @TheFormulaBlog

Images via @TheFormulaBlog

As a beauty blogger, traveling the world is a great way to discover new product finds, naturally. But, moving to a new place and immersing yourself in its culture forces you to discover an entirely new world of beauty—which is exactly what The Formula’s Aimee Blaut came face to face with when she uprooted her life to make the move to Sweden.

Blaut “fell in love with a sexy viking” and took a chance—which led to marriage, and a forthcoming baby. But, while she’s been expanding her family in Stockholm, she’s also been growing her beauty collection. The blogger and freelance writer known for her keen eye for products and gorgeous aesthetic has been stockpiling Swedish brands since she moved—and even works exclusively with a select few. We talked with her about her new favorite must-have products, the differences she’s noticed in beauty trends abroad, and why the Swedes simply excel at skin care.

On Stockholm’s Must-Have Beauty Products:
Estelle & Thild Pregnancy Oil is my jam. But that is probably because I am 7 months pregnant. I am addicted to it. I also love their Tinted Moisturizer; it gives an amazing glow and hydration without looking too makeup-y—pretty much everything you want from a tinted moisturizer. I also love & Other Stories’ Cotton Care body range. It smells like a dream!”


On Sweden’s Most Popular Brands:
Estelle & Thild is super trendy because it’s certified organic, with high-functioning formulas and great scents. They’re market leaders in Sweden and growing abroad. Sachajuan is a really popular line for hair and they have a salon in Stockholm that is pretty stunning. Sweed Lashes are fake lashes that look pretty natural and I know people really like them because they have three colors, and one is specifically designed for blondes.”

The Beauty Trends That Rule the Country:
In general, Swedish women take a lot of pride in how they look. You never see people running around Stockholm in sweats or gym clothes, unless they are actually going to the gym. The same goes for their beauty routines. The look is fuss-free, natural and put-together. It has a no-makeup, model-off duty vibe—very Josephine Skriver. Radiance and perfect-looking skin lead where heavy eye looks and poppy lips take a backseat.”


Which Stores You Have to Stop In:
“There aren’t any niche makeup spots around the city. Mainstays like Ahlens City and NK are the real places to hit. They offer a selection of international brands as well as Swedish ones. I’d also urge people to check out the pharmacies. Much like France, we have a good selection of skin care available there as well.”

Where Swedes Save and Spend on Beauty:
“I’ve noticed that Swedes spend considerably less on beauty than my friends in the states. Waxing, facials and spa treatments are less common. Most ladies opt to do their nails themselves since a basic no-frills manicure can cost upwards of $100, which literally breaks my heart. When women do invest it’s in skin care basics and makeup essentials that they wear every day.”

Why You Should Pick Up Skin Care Products There:
“I think the Swedes have nailed products for sensitive skin. Since the climate is harsh with cold winters and long bursts of dryness there is a huge market for products that dial down redness and soothe irritation. Women look for soothing formulas that calm the skin and boost hydration.”

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