I’m Sunburned, Now What? After-Sun Skin Care to Save You

Danielle Pistono
I’m Sunburned, Now What? After-Sun Skin Care to Save You
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Don’t you hate it when you remember to take extra precautions and even remember to re-apply sunscreen throughout the day, but still come back with some sort of burn? There is nothing worse than the pain of being sunburnt. It makes it impossible to do almost anything, and when trying to take care of your skin the last thing you want to do is touch it.

Luckily, there are after-sun products that don’t require too much rubbing in to calm your sunburn. Some are supplements that can be taken once a day to help reduce the side effects of sun burns, others include a mist that soothes skin and various lotions to reduce the more long-term effects of being in the sun. Although there are now products to take away the pain of sunburn, just remember that it is still very important to apply sunscreen before going in the sun.

Take a look at the slideshow to see some of our favorite after-sun  care products in those emergencies to help ease the pain of getting a burn after a long day in the sun.

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Burt's Bees After-Sun Soother 

The aloe and linden flower extract result in a cooling and soothing lotion. This lotion has all the same effects as aloe vera, but without the stickiness. (Burts Bee's Aloe & Linden Flower After Sun Soother, $10, Burtsbees.com)

Banana Boat Soothe-A-Canie Aloe Mist Spray 

Sunburns can be very painful and afterwards it's hard to do pretty much anything. This cooling mist allows you to apply aloe without having to rub it in. (Banana Boat Soothe-A-Canie Aloe Mist Spray, $5.99, Target.com)

Vitamin A

This is the most natural way to reverse the effects of sun damage. Take one everyday to help reverse the signs of premature aging that are caused by sun damage. (Vitamin A Supplements, $9.12 , Houseofnutrition.com)

Clarins After Sun Replenishing for Face 

This lotion moisturizes and replenishes your face that helps bring out your tan after being in the sun. It also reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the face. (Clarins After Sun Replenishing for Face, $38, Bloomingdales.com)


It is an anti-inflammatory, so if your skin is in a lot of pain, take two to reduce the inflammation from sunburn. (Advil, Available in stores)

Alba After Sun Lotion 

This after sun lotion contains caffeine which helps reduce free radical damaged caused by sun over-exposure. (Alba Kona Coffee After Sun Lotion, $11.95, Drugstore.com)

Badger Bali Balm 

If you are planning a trip, this balm is a must. It comes in a mini container and is ideal to use after a shower or bath. (Badger Bali Balm, $10, Diapers.com)

Heliocare Sun Protection Supplement 

Another precautionary supplement, Heliocare provides extra protection from sun damage. It also has been shown to reduce redness after sun exposure. (Heliocare Sun Protection Dietary Supplement, $53.95, Skinstore.com)

June Jacobs After Sun Hydrator 

This after sun hydrator quickly reduces visible redness. It also protects skin from environmental toxins, while fights against premature aging. (June Jacobs After Sun Hydrator, $36, Junejacobs.com)

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