What To Ask BEFORE You Get Eyelash Extensions

Shannon Farrell
eyelash extensions

Image: IMaxTree

Eyelash extensions are the great beauty divider of our time. Ask any two women who’ve had eyelash extensions and they’re bound to give two completely different reviews. While one will say she’s addicted forever (mascara who?), the other will say she was completely turned off after one try. When she removed them, she found her real lashes went away with it. So what’s the deal? Are eyelash extensions the busy woman’s dream (no makeup, no problem) or every woman’s nightmare (bald eyelids!)?

It turns out that it’s really all about the aesthetician who does it. We caught up with the founders of Borboleta Beauty, a brand that not only provides some of the best extensions, but training to professionals so precise and detailed it’s unlike any other on the market. Below they tell us everything you need to ask BEFORE your first extension application.

P.S. Don’t be afraid to appear nosy!

Question 1. “Are you licensed?”
It’s not uncommon for aestheticians to provide eyelash extensions without a license. “There are thousands of women practicing without a license,” says Erin Taylor, one of the co-founders. “Ask for proof. It is that serious.”

Question 2. “Where did you get your eyelash extension training?”
“A lot of ‘trainers’ are just random girls who do lashes,” says Kim Jaynes, Borboleta’s other co-founder. “If they haven’t been trained by someone with an actual instructors license, they may not have the proper education,” say Jaynes. Remember: this man or woman is essentially putting glue right by your eye, one of the most sensitive spots on your body!

Question 3. “How long have you been applying lash extensions?”
Everyone is a beginner at one point, but he or she should make it known to you, their possible future client. “If you are getting eyelash extensions for the first time, I’d definitely ask for an experienced lash artist,” says Taylor. You don’t know what mistakes to spot along the way, so you want someone experienced!

Question 4. “Can I see pictures of your work?”
Now you can really know what to expect with this aesthetician. “Look for clean-looking lashes,” says Jaynes. “If you can physically see the glue or adhesive in the pictures, it’s too much. If the lashes are twisted and going every which direction, they aren’t placed properly. If the lashes look clumpy and stuck together in certain area, they aren’t isolated properly.”

Question 5. “What ingredients are listed in your adhesive?”
It’s imperative that you know the adhesive, what holds the extensions to your lash line, won’t cause an allergic reaction. Ask for ingredients, ask about the ingredients. “If your last artist can’t understand or doesn’t even know what ingredients are in the adhesive they are using near your eye, I’d run fast,” says Taylor. “Every educated lash artist should know which ingredients are in the adhesive and what they’re used for.”

Question 6. “Where do you buy your products?”
“Apart from the adhesive, there are a lot of factors that determine if your products are good, or if they are the best products,” says Jaynes. Ask to touch the lashes. “They should be soft, flexible and not stiff. The cleanser should be clean, fresh and shouldn’t burn.”

Question 7. “What is the proper post-maintenance for extensions?”
“A lot of lash artists will tell clients not to wet or cleanse their lashes and this is false,” says Taylor. Take that advice as a warning sign. What they should be telling you: wash the lashes daily, sleep on your back and steer clear of any oils near your lashes. “[They should provide] a list of ways to help keep lashes clean and fresh to avoid bacteria and residues.”

If your aesthetician hasn’t passed the test, move on to the next lash bar. Why take the chance when there’s experienced aestheticians just waiting for your service.

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