The Weird Reason Adriana Lima Loves Showering With Her Mascara On

The Weird Reason Adriana Lima Loves Showering With Her Mascara On
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As a Victoria’s Secret model, a mom of two, and the face for dozens of cosmetics and fashion brands, Adriana Lima is likely always on the go. So after a long day of photo shoots and meetings, it makes sense that the 36-year-old model would want to top off her night with a nice, relaxing shower. What’s a little unusual is how she likes to shower with her makeup on—not because she’s lazy—but because she likes the way it runs over her body.

Lima opened up about her weird beauty habit in an interview with InStyle, in which she also outed herself as a low-key mascara fanatic. In the interview, Lima talked about her obsession with mascara (particularly Maybelline’s Falsies and Lash Sensational), and how the blacker, the better. “I love mascara on the eyes. I like it to be very black, and I like when you just apply lots of layers,” Lima said. “So on my days off, I just apply over and over and over.”

Lima’s obsession with mascara is so extreme that she sometimes takes showers for funsies, just so she can see the mascara run down her skin and reapply it afterward. “When I shower, the mascara runs over my skin, I wipe it off, and I apply it on top again. I absolutely love it,” Lima said.

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Showering with mascara isn’t the only unconventional part of Lima’s beauty routine. The Victoria’s Secret Angel also revealed her secret to shiny, luscious hair. To get her runway-ready locks, Lima mixes her conditioner with—get this—a mashed avocado. After spreading the concoction on her tresses, Lima puts on a shower cap and waits 15 minutes before rinsing it out. The secret, which is passed down from Brazilian women in her family, transforms Lima’s hair from its naturally dry texture to silky lusciousness.

“You take one avocado—I am not joking. You mash the avocado, you mix with whatever conditioner you have, you put it on your hair, and you put on a shower cap for like 15 minutes,” Lima said. “When you wash it off, your hair is gonna be shiny, shiny, shiny!”

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Though we don’t normally associate avocado—or mascara—with the shower, we’re down for anything. If it’ll give us Adriana Lima–level looks, we guess a guacamole-conditioner hybrid is worth a try.