12 Signs You’re Addicted to Mascara

Augusta Falletta

addicted to mascara

We’ve all got our beauty product of choice. For some of us it’s lip balm, for others it’s a curling iron, but for many ladies, it’s mascara. Why? It instantly opens your eyes and makes your entire face look bright and awake. If we had to narrow down our beauty products and only use one for the rest of our lives, mascara would likely win.

You may just be a casual mascara user and you may love your lush lashes, but the 12 signs below are how to tell you’re addicted to mascara (it’s okay, so are we).

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1. Sneezing after the perfect mascara application is your worst nightmare.

2. You actually finish a tube of mascara every month.

3. When people tell you they only use one coat of mascara, you wonder what went wrong in their life.

4. It’s impossible for you to leave the drugstore without at least one new mascara to try.

5. You refuse to leave your house without mascara…even it’s just opening the door to get to the mailbox.

6. Over the years, you’ve developed the perfect mascara cocktail for your signature lashes. (Ours is a combination of three different mascaras.)

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7. When you’re bored, you go onto beauty retailer websites to comment on forums about which mascaras are best, because other, less addicted girls need your help.

8. They can beg and plead all they want, but your friends will never be allowed to borrow your mascara.

9. While everyone else buys regular, you get waterproof mascara, because you will not allow anything to ruin your lashes once you’ve applied.

10. Your monthly budget has a line for mascara just under groceries and just above rent money.

11. You’ve had thoughtful, legitimate, hour-long conversations about mascara with your other mascara-obsessed friends.

12. Even though you’ve been in a relationship for over a year, your significant other has still never seen you without mascara on.

Image via Emre Ogan/Getty Images