Add Volume to Your Ponytail Like Chrissy Teigen

Victoria Moorhouse
Instagram: @owengould

Instagram: @owengould

If Chrissy Teigen has ever had a bad hair day, it’s clearly never been captured on camera. Whether she’s taking risks by cutting her long layers into a wavy lob (we can thank her for the trend explosion) or playing up a hairstyling favorite, she’s got a head of hair that women only dream of. Last night, she secured her place as our current celebrity hair crush with an elegant and voluminous ponytail created by celebrity hairstylist Owen Gould that instantly updated the quick and easy updo.

Gould broke down how he constructed this alluring pony, and if you’re a fan of tons of texture and plenty of curls, it’s the look for you.

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To begin, Gould purposefully played up the natural texture of Chrissy’s pretty hair by spraying in Sachajuan Ocean Mist and rough drying it with his hands. If you don’t have that exact product in your possession, try one of your favorite texture or sea salt spray and continue with the process.

“Next I sprayed her hair with Sachajuan Medium Hold Hairspray and curled each section using a 1 ½-inch curling iron. Then, I went through and used Sachajuan Volume Powder for extra texture,” explains Gould.

You can mimic this step using your own hairspray before curling and a texture or volumizing spray instead of powder after you’re finished curling.

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After creating the curls and amplifying the texture of Chrissy’s hair, Gould pulled her hair up into a ponytail secured high on the back of her head and pulled out a few strands to give it a relaxed, “lived-in” look that works.

What do you think of Chrissy’s high ponytail? Will you try out this look? Let us know in the comments below!