Beauty Hack: Add Sugar to Your Shampoo for Perfect Hair

Lauren Caruso
Beauty Hacks for Hair
Photo: Imaxtree

Got a minute? Here’s your mid-day roundup of all your need-to-know news in fashion, beauty, entertainment, and beyond.

Should you be adding a spoonful of sugar to your shampoo? Spoiler: yes. [Marie Claire]

The empowering reason women are Tweeting photos of their shoes today. [Teen Vogue]

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How legalization of pot is going to affect your skin in the coming years. [Elle]

OITNB’s Jackie Cruz just wrote a movie personal essay on why she’s not scared of Donald Trump or his unfortunate administration. [Bustle]

This mesmerizing beauty tutorial is about to soothe all of your anxiety. [Fashionista]

The story behind why Nina Dobrev finally cut all her hair off. [The Coveteur]

A Washington Post reporter was thrown to the ground this morning. See the video of the journalist being grabbed by his backpack. [Mediaite]

Here’s where you should shop for shoes if you have big feet. [Racked]

Kristen Stewart is a brunette again. [Allure]

These butt transformations are as insane as they are inspiring. [Cosmopolitan]

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