This Always Sold-Out Haircare Brand Made a Dermaroller For Your Scalp—& It’s 25% Off Right Now for Black Friday

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This Always Sold-Out Haircare Brand Made a Dermaroller For Your Scalp—& It’s 25% Off Right Now for Black Friday
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Scalp care is hot right now, especially when it comes to aiding and assisting hair growth. While this issue isn’t one that’s new, it’s become quite a bit more common these days. From post-COVID symptoms to the side effects of pregnancy, there are a number of reasons why someone could potentially lose more hair than usual. Serums and oils aside, there’s a different way you can aid in hair growth and that’s with microneedling.

The tried and true method of stimulating collagen also applies to hair growth and our favorite always sold-out hair care brand has developed a new product to aid in our hair growth journey—the Scalp Dermaroller. Act + Acre has developed a tool with perfect precision—one that’s needles are small enough to promote growth but not large enough to do any damage.

Microneedling is the process of creating micro-injuries to the skin for the reduction of scarring, wrinkles, and more—but it works to promote hair growth as well. Follicles are stimulated to the point of growth—whether it be regrowth or thickening the strands that are already there. Check out Act + Acre’s Scalp Dermaroller below.

And lucky for you, the brand is celebrating Black Friday with a site wide sale. Grab *everything* on the site for 20% off right now until Friday.

act + acre scalp growthCourtesy of Act + Acre.

Act + Acre Scalp Dermaroller

What do you get when you get 540 high-strength medical-grade needles in sleek, matte black packaging? Act + Acre’s new Scalp Dermaroller. This tool creates micro-infarctions on the scalp to produce and stimulate circulation in the hair follicle, while ensuring any topical product you used is absorbed to the max. The best candidates to use this device are those who suffer from temporary hair loss, thinning, or balding. Act + Acre’s Scalp Dermaroller not only allows your skin to produce more collagen and elastin, it releases growth factors that give you the perfect foundation for new cell product—the perfect playground for new hair growth to come right on in.

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act + acre scalp growth

Courtesy of Act + Acre.

Act + Acre Scalp Dermaroller Growth System

This new tool pairs very well with Act + Acre’s beloved product line, so if you’re looking to get more bang for your buck, check out Act + Acre’s Dermaroller Growth System. Paired with this brand’s always sold-out Stem Cell Serum, this power duo works harmoniously to naturally extend your hair’s growth phase—while ensuring your scalp stays soothed and hydrated. Pair the two together and the only thing to come of it is magic, really. 89% of users agreed that the apple Stem Cells in this award-winning, vegan formula aided in the overall health of their hair.

You can shop Act + Acre’s new Scalp Dermaroller and Scalp Dermaroller Growth System on their website now. Get it before it sells out—it usually always does.

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