15 Acrylic Nail Ideas You’ll Want to Copy ASAP

Elizabeth Denton
15 Acrylic Nail Ideas You’ll Want to Copy ASAP
Photo: ImaxTree.

Nails are seriously personal and what you put on your fingers says a lot about who you are. Simple, short and nude? Your style is probably pretty classic. Almond-shaped and neon? You love a trend. Acrylic nails are no different. There are an infinite amount of possibilities with acrylics, never-ending shades, finishes, designs, add-ons and especially, nail lengths. Trends come and go—all of a sudden everyone has almond-shaped talons—but there are some that remain a favorite.

While most of us head to the salon for our acrylic set, you can DIY at home with some clutch kits. They have everything you need to get Insta-worthy nails right in the comfort of your own home. It’s not super-easy but once you get the hang of it, people will wonder what hot spot you visited to get them done. And you’ll be able to say it was your couch.

Whether you go to your favorite nail artist or do them at home, acrylic nails are a great way to show your personality. Go for sheer jelly styles, add on crystals and little stars or go for a colorful update on the French manicure. Choose your shape and you’ll have a set all your own. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with getting a little inspiration. Bookmark these looks for the next time you need your nails done.

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Can’t choose from all the fun nail polish colors out there? Same! Try painting each one of your acrylic nails a different shade, but make sure each hand matches. Then, you’ll have an updated take on the skittles nails trend. These squared-off talons are bright and bold for any season.

Match Your Makeup

Take a cue from James Charles‘ handbook and match your makeup to your acrylic nails! For LGBTQ+ Pride Month, he created this gorgeous rainbow cut-crease and his nail artist painted a similar look on his tips. Each nail is painted white with a different shade outlining the squared-off nails. So cool.


For Kylie Jenner, these neon orange tips are her “short” acrylic nails. She chose a bright hue to show off what her sister Khloe calls “classic and rich” nails. We love the way the orange pops against her tan skin—the hue would look amazing on anyone. They’re courtesy of her favorite Modern Pamper Salon.

Designer Prints

Leave it to Cardi B to match her pointed talons to her designer bag. Los-Angeles based nail artist Chaun P. was responsible for Cardi’s previous nails and also this new Louis Vuitton-inspired set. Louis Vuitton Neverfull Escale MM Rouge is from the summer 2020 collection and is currently sold out, which isn’t surprising considering the tie-dye trend is blowing up. Her acrylic nails look exactly like the bag.

Match Your Sneakers

Another Chaun P. creation, these black-and-white acrylic nails match stylist Maeve Reilly’s Nike sneakers. We love the graphic lines and the way they resemble and updated French manicure. You could try this with any pair of sneakers you own but it looks especially cool on Instagram with a bold pair.

Chain Details

Megan Thee Stallion said on Instagram that she switches up her acrylic nails every week. And they never disappoint. These pink talons feature little chain details that amazingly match her chain belt, making for a seriously cool photo. She’s also rocking two other trends: jelly nails (a sheer style) and asymmetrical tips.

Alien Jelly Nails

Demi Lovato took jelly nails to the next level with little alien designs. Natalie Minerva, founder of Nail Swag in Downtown Los Angeles, took credit for the almond-shaped tips over on the salon’s Instagram account. She confirmed Lovato is in fact rocking yellow jelly nails with green tips and little black alien faces.

Sheer Jelly Nails

Lovato really likes the jelly nail trend! She chose sheer red talons, more of a coffin shape this time, for her engagement to Max Ehrich. When it comes to engagement photos though, it’s all about that ring and this one is large, to say the least. She showed it off wearing red nails with that trendy sheer jelly finish.

Retro Vibes

Beauty influencer Ourfa Zinali showed off her acrylic nails with “70s slutty retro vibes.” Her pink nails with white wavy designs match friend Heather Sanders’ own talons. They’re courtesy of Chaun P., of course!

Nude with Sparkles

We can’t stop starring at these classic nude acrylic nails that feature tiny crystals on both ring fingers. This super-subtle pale pink looks amazing on all skin tones. Plus, the coffin shape makes your fingers look super long. So chic!

Jelly Plaid Nails

Natalie Minerva, founder of Nail Swag in Downtown Los Angeles, created this cool set on herself! We’re obsessed with the fall-ready plaid print and the way they’re still that sheer jelly nail trend. A two-in-one! The almond-shaped acrylic nails also have a little blue stone on each, making them even more unique.

Sheer Sparkles

These long, square acrylic nails are by one of our favorite nail artists to follow on Instagram, Mei Kawajiri. We’re drooling over the slightly sheer style that still features sparkles so bright, you don’t need the Kira Kira app to post them.

Pink French

Another creation by Kawajiri is these rounded French manicure nails that feature Barbie-pink instead of the classic white. “This pink is perfect pink,” she wrote on Instagram and we couldn’t agree more.

Cherry Prints

Los Angeles-based nail artist Sheila Cortez created these cherry nails on sheer square tips. It looks like the red in the cherries is actually little rhinestones making them even more eye-catching.

Ombré Nails

Some ombré nails feature a wash of color on each finger but these are more like the skittles nail trend. Find a color you love, like bright pink, and choose shades both lighter and darker to create the ombrè vibe. Leave a little negative space for an even trendier look.

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