13 Nail-Saving Hacks That Anyone With Dramatically Long Claws Should Master

13 Nail-Saving Hacks That Anyone With Dramatically Long Claws Should Master
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I don’t remember life before my acrylic nails. Okay, so perhaps I’m being just a little dramatic, but short nails have always been boring to me (no offense if that’s your thing). My dramatically long claws, on the other hand, simply make me feel like myself. Though I took a short break from them earlier this year, they have since come back with a vengeance. And as expected, the first question everyone asks is, “how do you manage life with such long nails?” The question is warranted considering I type for a living, but over the years, certain acrylic nail hacks have kept my claws from becoming a hindrance. 

Plus, long acrylics aren’t going anywhere, at least according to Instagram, trendsetters like Cardi B. and well, me. They add much-needed personality to an otherwise basic beauty moment and there are so many more options for nail art designs (like tricolor ombre nails) when the ones you’re wearing are longer. This isn’t to say there aren’t certain downsides.

I won’t deny that they can make everyday activities extremely difficult, especially for someone who’s new to the world of acrylics. Luckily for you, I’ve had my fair share of struggles and eventually learned some hacks that make having them worthwhile.


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Keep Your Keys Close

Most people don’t leave the house without their keys— long acrylic nails give you even more of a reason to never forget them. Keys can help you complete simple tasks that long claws make uber difficult. Opening cans, envelopes, and packages are just a few instances where keys come in handy. When in doubt, ask if your keys could solve the problem at hand.

Work Smarter, Not Harder, When Dealing With Coins

We all know the struggle of trying to pick up coins from the floor or a counter with nails; however, it’s much simpler than you think. If you drop change on the floor, push the coin into the gap between the tiles and use the tip of your nail to scoop it up. Not dealing with tile floor? Use a flexible card (i.e., business card, metro pass, etc.) to scoop up the coins and drop them into your hand or purse.

When you’re picking up coins at checkout, push the coins into your hand from the edge of the counter instead of trying to pick them up one by one. You’ll never hold up a line in again.


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Use Your Nails as Tweezers When Applying False Lashes

Acrylic nails are a gamechanger for applying falsies. Just pinch the lash with your nails (as close to the lash band as possible) and apply. Honestly, you may find using your acrylics easier than applying false lashes with tweezers.

However, Always Travel With a Pair of Tweezers

Acrylic nails make gripping onto small objects nearly impossible. From peeling off labels on packaging to retrieving your credit card from a reader, tweezers are another essential item that you need to keep in your purse at all times.


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Text With the Side of Your Thumb and Type Using the Tips

Take it from me—typing with long nails (even medium-length nails) can be rather stressful. Acrylics make it hard to use your fingertips as you usually would. However, using the sides of your thumbs will help you type on your phone without skipping a beat. On the other hand, when typing on a computer, you can use the very tip of your acrylic nails. It may take a little used getting to, but it’s less of a headache in the long-run.

Get Used to Using the Side of Your Fingers, Period

Zipping jeans and buttoning a shirt are two other instances where the sides of your fingers come in handy. Trust me; it’s not nearly as weird as it sounds.

Use Your Claws for a Scalp Massage

Whether it’s wash day or you have a few minutes to ease some tension, acrylic nails are by far one of the best scalp massagers you’ll ever use. They’re typically not a sharp as natural nails which means you can massage to your heart’s content without leaving scratches on your scalp.


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Don’t Bother Applying Makeup With Your Fingers

It’s no secret that anything that can get under your acrylic nails will get under your nails. Makeup under your acrylic nails can be unsightly and a bit hard to remove. Instead, use makeup brushes for all the steps in your makeup routine to avoid dirty nails.

If you have makeup products that are in a jar (like a potted concealer or a foundation without a pump), use a clean handle of a brush to apply the product directly onto face or on the back of your hand.

Pay Special Attention When Wearing Sheer Garments

Acrylic nails (especially stiletto or any other pointy shape) are prone to poking holes in thin clothes. To avoid destroying your wardrobe, skip sheer stockings altogether, and take your time when dealing with delicate fabrics such as chiffon or mesh.


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Use Your Nails as Scoops for Your Jarred Skincare Products

Using your nails for makeup is a no-no, however, using them as a scooper for skincare products is life-changing. As long as your nails are clean and your hands are sanitized, you can use the top part of your nail to scoop out products without getting any of it under your nails. After all, the price of skincare adds up, and you’d much rather have it on your face than under your nails.

Avoid Stud Earrings or Jewelry With Clasps

If you’ve mastered using the sides of your fingers in place of your nails, then you may be able to wear whatever jewelry you please. However, in most cases, any pieces of jewelry with a clasp or even a small earring back can be almost impossible to put on without your nails getting in the way. Instead, opt for hoops or stretch/elastic band jewelry that won’t put up a fight with your acrylics.


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When Using the Restroom, Wrap the Tissue Around Your Fingers/Nails

TMI: Wiping can be a little tricky when you have long acrylics, and the last thing you want is the remnants of anything that belongs in the toilet under your nails. When you wrap the tissue entirely around your nails and hand, you avoid this at all costs.

Use Your Acrylics as an On-the-Go Comb

A fresh or semi-fresh set works wonders for fixing your hair on the go. This hack is specially made for you if you have bangs or struggle with flyaways. If it’s time for you to get a fill-in, you may want to avoid this hack because strands of hair may get stuck in your nails.

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