Why To Wax


So yesterday I’m at work. It’s after hours and I’m getting a little punchy. My engineer friend comes over to my desk, and we start goofing off on Facebook. Then, he grabs my -football=shaped stress ball (I inherited it. I’d never buy a stress ball for myself) and tells me to get up so we can play catch. I’ve caught and thrown a few balls in my day so I figured sure. I’ll get in some cardio.

We’re whipping the stress football around, laughing, blowing off some post-work steam when


A direct, hard hit to my face under my right eye.

“Ah!!! Oh my God! Oh my God!” My coworker comes rushing over horrified that he nailed me with a sponge football.

He was just about to take a look at it when I jerked away. It was that exact moment that I realized I hadn’t had my lip waxed in about six weeks. I’m actually surprised that the football didn’t get tangled in my lip hair, it’s that long.

So here’s my friend, genuinely concerned about the state of my face, and all I can do is twist away and mumble, “I’m okay, I’m okay,” because in reality I don’t want him seeing the mustache I’ve accumulated.

Lesson learned: Always keep up with your waxing because you never know when you’re going to have balls flying at your face.