A Manicure Worthy Of Your Ring

Amber Katz
Manicure1 A Manicure Worthy Of Your Ring

As you flit about the reception, hand extended to admirers who’ll ogle your ring, you’ll also be showing off your nails, which means a flawless manicure is an essential element of your bridal beauty look. “Most brides avoid trendy colors for their wedding,” says Los Angeles-based nail care specialist Jessica Vartoughian, founder of Jessica Cosmetics.
“They want a color that’s feminine and elegant, that shows off their ring and doesn’t compete with their bouquet.” Whether you go traditional with a pale shade of pink or choose a polish with a little more oomph, Vartoughian has some hints about making color last.

– First, make sure your nail is completely clean before applying a base coat. “If you have any oils or creams on your nail plate, the polish won’t properly adhere and it will peel off the next day.” Rub a cotton ball soaked with nail polish remover over your nails right before you’re about to start painting.

– Swipe on a layer of base coat, let it dry, then apply two coats of color. Let each coat dry completely before applying another one. “Also, polish under the nail tip to make a solid seal.”

– Don’t forget a clear top coat. “On the morning of your wedding, apply another clear top coat to keep nails chip-free through your honeymoon.”

Looking for the right shade? Check out Vartoughian’s latest nail collection “Wedding Whites” or consider these hues that’ll enhance your skin tone:

Fair skin tone with cool undertones: light strawberry
Fair skin tone with warm undertones: pale purple

Medium skin tone with cool undertones: sheer pink
Medium skin tone with warm undertones: shimmery peach

Dark skin tone with cool undertones: rose
Dark skin tone with warm undertones: rich bronze

You can also try on nail polish shades in the Makeover Studio.

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