A Lip Look That Outlasts The “I Do!” Kiss

Amber Katz
Lipstick3 A Lip Look That Outlasts The I Do! Kiss

Most mornings you probably rush out the door with a slick of gloss across your lips. But that won’t fly on your wedding day when your lip color has to last look fabulous all day. To create a long-wearing lip look, NYC makeup artist Kimara Anhert
always starts a bride off with a light layer of concealer or foundation over lips so the lipstick has something to cling to. Next, she lines and fills in the entire lip area with lip liner–either the same color as lips or the same shade as the lipstick. “After liner, use a lip brush to apply your lipstick, then pat on a thin coat of translucent powder, and go over it with another layer of lipstick.” Finish with a light slick of lip gloss. Anhert favors gloss that’s a touch lighter than the lipstick to create beautiful highlights and suggests keeping that gloss on hand for quick touch ups.

Confused about which lip color you should go for? “You don’t have to stray too far from your usual lip look just because it’s your wedding day,” Anhert says. “If red lips are your signature look, go for red lips on your big day.” However, if you’re a minimalist who shuns lip color, you’ll have to step up your game so you don’t look washed out in photos. “The safest bet is a hue that mimics your natural lip color, but a shade or two darker. This will give you enough definition in pictures but you’ll still look like you.”

For more color guidance, see the chart below:

Fair skin tone with cool undertones: pinky beige; bronze with pink undertones; berry with mauve undertones
Fair skin tone with warm undertones: sandy peach; apricot sorbet; shimmery mocha

Medium skin tone with cool undertones: brown mauve; cranberry mauve; pinky red; garnet
Medium skin tone with warm undertones: golden apricot; coral; cinnamon; nutmeg

Dark  skin tone with cool undertones: sheer cranberry; clear red; bright rose; raisin; plum
Dark  skin tone with warm undertones: honey; cappuccino; dark burgundy; brick; golden red

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