9 Bizarre Beauty Products And Tools

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9 Bizarre Beauty Products And Tools
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We like to think we’ve seen it all, since tons of new beauty products and tools are being sent to Beauty High’s offices daily. Sometimes there will be some real perplexing ones that definitely require a manual to even know what they are about. That’s not to say these are strictly novelty–quite the contrary. A weird beauty product or tool that works is fine by us, and frankly, it’s nice to see some ingenuity when so many products and tools are repackaged and marketed for next season. Take a look at some of these bizarre beauty tools and products and maybe even give them a try!

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As the name implies, this foot exfoliator works by giving you baby-soft feet. The weirdness factor comes into play in how it works. You wear the treatment-filled sock for two hours, letting it soak in. Wash it off and then wait a few DAYS, and then the skin will start peeling off like a shedding snake to reveal the softest feet you've had since... well, you were a baby.

(Baby Foot Easy Pack, $22 at Amazon.com)

The Bomb Curl Brush may look like a medieval weapon, but it's actually the most 3D round brush out there for creating easy curls as you blow-dry. Sometimes using a round brush or vented paddle brush will lose hairs as you try and juggle wrapping hair around the bristles and wielding a hair dryer. Now you can just scoop up hair in curls, wrapping 360 degrees of this brush for perfect curls, express.

(3D Bomb Curl Brush, $19 at Yesstyle.com)

Now, your curling wand can magically do the work for you. Conair's Infiniti Pro Curl Secret is a curling device that has a rotating bit that sucks in a section of hair to coil it around its heated ceramic center to make a perfectly proportioned curl before you wind your hair back out. Sounds scary? This thing has two heat settling and timer settings so you don't over-fry your hair. Listen for the beep to know when your curl is "done."

(Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret, $99 at Ulta.com)

If you're finding no success with under-eye treatments for dark circles and bags, perhaps physical stimulation is what you need. Eye Slack Haruka is a treatment device that vibrates with mild heat to stimulate circulation under your eyes, forcing the blood to move around, sweeping away de-oxygenated bluer looking blood cells (responsible for the circles) and promote lifting to eliminate sagging with micro-currents of electricity.

(Eye Slack Haruka, $91 at Japan Trend Shop)

It's entirely possible that Kylie Jenner's magical lip blossoming has naught to do with injections or surgery and rather, a simple suction technique (and some bomb lip liner skills). Fullips offers these manual lip-plumping devices in three sizes that you just place over your mouth, suck the air out, and allow the suction to pull blood towards your lips, swelling them. A few suction-sessions of about a minute each, spaced several minutes apart will give you seriously full-looking lips for up to four hours. Best part is that they're so small, you can pop one in your purse for on-the-go plumps, and NO needles required.

(Fullips Lip Plumper, $20 at Fullips.com)

You know how you always seen backstage beauty shots of models getting ready for the runway with metal clamps around tissue paper holding their hair back? Hair velcro is the same concept, sans clamps and doesn't leave any kinks or marks as you keep your bangs and baby hairs pulled back while you do your makeup, wash your face, or just want your hair out of your face. They release easily without pulling too since the velcro is shallow.

(Hair Velcro, $1.99 at Amazon.com)

Not only is this a phone case that is also a hairbrush, this is "The Selfie Brush," giving it ultimately three functions. You won't get quite as far depth of field as a selfie-stick, but you also can't brush your hair with a selfie-stick, so your options will probably weigh favorably in the direction of a hair tool as well as a phone protector and camera accessory. They're available for all iPhone models as well as the Samsung Galaxy.

(The Selfie Brush, $9.99 at TheWetbrush.com)

What better way to camouflage your complexion if you're feeling spotty one day, than with this freckle pencil from Topshop. You can put on very real-looking freckles with this to appear slightly sun-kissed and youthful. Or like your own near-identical twin.

(Freckle Pencil, $7 at Topshop)

Remember the Tangle Teezer? That device that looked like something you groomed your cat with but was actually a detangling tool for your hair? Well, here's a marriage of that same concept and an iPhone case. This little number, named YoBrush, allows you to easily detangle your hair as you wait for those Instagram videos to load up. Probably not a good idea to use it on wet hair though...

(YoBrush, $9.99 at Yobrush.com)

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