8 Winter-Friendly Hairstyles You Need To Try Right Now

Augusta Falletta

This week was the first time a meteorologist pointed to a snowflake and mentioned flurries this season, marking a very important time: winter. The next few weeks are a crucial time because we’ve got little time to stock up on lotion and hair masks before weather starts drying our bodies out. While you’re keeping yourself moisturized and hydrated, another seasonal change should be on your radar: hairstyles.

Many times during the winter, wearing a hat is necessary, but underneath that knit beanie needs to be a killer hairstyle. Though it tends to dry out your strands, winter does have the very endearing quality of majorly cutting down on the frizzy hair factor. Not having to worry about frizz means you’ve opened up to a world of new hairstyles that you’d normally shun during the summer months.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite winter-friendly hairstyles for the impending temperature drops and we hope they’ll help you get through the cold in style. Whether you’ve gone for a pixie cut, a “lob”, or long hair, we’ve found a style for you to rock all the way through February.

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