8 Ways to Save Yourself From a Bad Hair Day

Emma Sayles
8 Ways to Save Yourself From a Bad Hair Day
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Bad hair days happen to everyone, but the key to making it appear like they DON’T happen to you is to know what to do when they do happen. And, believe us, they always happen. Instead of throwing your hands in the air and giving up, try one of these cute styles. Your hair will be remedied and no one will know you stared at your hair this morning for ten minutes in horror. (We promise we won’t tell, if you don’t tell on us.)

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A great remedy for a bad hair day is a fishtail braid.  If the idea is a messy look, your hair is best suited for this! Try a shine serum, like Sachujuan's Serum $30, to keep your hair looking healthy and the braid in place.

Wearing a hat is definitely not a cop out for a bad hair day when it's as fabulous as this one from ASOS, $30.

Headbands have been having a comeback as late and in a big way.  You can try the look with your hair up, down, or whatever you want!   Try Scunci's Split Headband, $4.29 for this look.

Another save for a bad hair day is getting to the root of the problem for most: your roots! Get some lift back into your hair with a volumizing style powder like Got2B PowderFul Volumizing Styling Powder from got2b.

Another way to battle the bad hair day is to sweep your hair back into a bun. Use a medium hold hair spray that will hold your hair back but won't give you a straw feel like Bumble and Bumble Holding Spray, $21.

Another way to liven up your hair is with a cute hair pin, like this one from Anthropologie, $15.

If you have bangs that are lacking some luster, get them out of the way in the most adorable way ever by braiding them into the rest of your hair.  Secure the braid either on the side with a bobby pin or into a ponytail/bun.  To hold the style, spritz with some light hairspray like Johnathon Product's Spray Dirt Texture Hold Hair Spray, $29.

Tons of celebs like Nicole Richie, SJP and Rihanna are embracing the hair scarf trend, and we are totally onboard.  Try a silk scarf like this vintage one from Etsy, $25.

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