8 Multi-Purpose Products to Make Your Life Easier

Danielle Emig
8 Multi-Purpose Products to Make Your Life Easier
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With society and beauty editors always throwing the latest beauty products at you to add to your collection, it can get overwhelming. To keep your life simple, we’re bringing you the best 2-in-1 products so you can reduce the amount of products you have laying around. Yes, this means you may have to go out and buy these, but in the long run you’re saving money and space in your bathroom or purse.

Some products touted as 2-in-1 don’t work as well as expected and others seem rather pointless (like most shampoo and conditioner combinations). See the slideshow for the beauty items you should invest in to make getting ready in the morning a faster process. You should also keep some of these with you at all times in case you need a bit of eye cream and concealer!

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This creamy blush comes in high-pigmented colors that blend into your cheeks and lips for a touch of color. (Too Face Full Bloom Cheek and Lip Color, $21, ulta.com)

Correct and conceal dark circles and protect your under-eye skin from the sun with this concealer with SPF. (Neutrogena 3-in-1 Concealer For Eyes, $9.79, drugstore.com)

Who doesn't love a sudsy formula that makes your bathroom smell like cinnamon buns? It's a shampoo, conditioner, and body wash that can also be used as a bubble bath that leaves your hair and skin soft and smelling delicious. You may still need additional conditioner to fully detangle your hair, but this will just add to the softness. (Philosophy Cinnamon Buns, $16, sephora.com)

There's a brush for literally everything but you may forget which one is supposed to be used for what. Reduce the amount of brushes you own by finding 2-in-1 brushes like this one to be used for eyeliner and smudging. It's great for creating the perfect smudged smokey eye, plus it's purple. (Sephora Collection Double-Ended Smokey Eye Brush, $18, sephora.com)

Sometimes it seems like too much of a task to remove our eye makeup and wash our face. This product cleanses the skin of impurities while removing eye makeup, reducing your time spent getting ready for bed. (Korres Milk Proteins 3 in 1 Cleansing, Toning, and Eye Makeup Removing Emulsion, $21, sephora.com)

Use a tinted moisturizer for everyday wear that illuminates the skin. This one from Stila helps diminish the look of wrinkles and has SPF. (Stila Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20, $32, nordstrom.com)

This is a primer, eyeshadow, and eyeliner in one that goes on easy and stays put all day. Choose one of the eight colors and either use it as a base eyeshadow or an eyeliner without the need for a primer. (Stila Smudge Crayon Waterproof Eye Color, $22, ulta.com)

If you're prone to acne, you don't want to cake on the makeup. This concealer also has salicylic acid to reduce blemishes while hiding them. (Almay Clear Complexion Concealer, $7.74, target.com)

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