8 Tricks For Fighting Winter Frizz and Flyaways

Aly Walansky


Winter hair has a unique set of issues – fried, frizzy, and dried out – we may be experiencing a great deal more static and flyaways. The best course of action: Treat our hair right from prep to finish, and then keep static at bay!

After-shower TLC:
Avoiding static and flyaways begins before you even dry your hair. “Drying your hair with a towel can cause breakage and flyaways. Try drying your hair with a t-shirt or paper towel instead, says Michael Braun, PRIV hair stylist.

Stay focused:
When blow drying hair, always use the nozzle–don’t throw it away, says Judy McGuinness, senior stylist at mizu new york salon. It keeps the air more concentrated on the area you’re drying, and reduces frizz and flyaways!

Spray hairspray onto a fine tooth comb and brush onto your roots to keep flyaways under control, says Nelson Bray of Indigo Bliss Hairapy.

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Maintain hydration:
Especially in the winter, your hair is craving moisture from the air which is why we tend to get frizz. Use a lightweight creme before and after you blowdry to help replenish strands, says McGuinness, who likes Oribe Super Shine Light. “It’s like a hand creme for the hair!”

If there are still unruly flyaways, tame them with a matte paste (just a bit, rubbed between your fingertips) instead of a hairspray, says McGuinness. The alcohol in sprays will only dry your hair even more.

Ready and set:
After styling, use a toothbrush like a comb, brushing small hairs down, says Luci Petlack, a fashion and lifestyles blogger at Luci’s Morsels.

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Michel Obadia, Co-Founder and Master Stylist of Pierre Michel Salon, says his main trick to keep flyaways under control is water — yes simple H2O! The key, he says, is to put a little water in your hands via a spray bottle and rub it together as if it were product and gently apply to staticky flyaways to get rid of them. “It is as simple as that but many do not think to do it. Again the trick is to spritz the water into the palm of your hands with a spray bottle!” says Obadia. “This is an easy quick resolution. Also, great when on the go and you do not have product on you!”

Lip balm functions similarly to pomade when it comes to taming stray hairs. If you find flyaways throughout the day, rummage in your purse for your lip balm, says Braun. Use your fingers to apply a small amount, as this will ensure you avoid applying too much.

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Damper static:
Flyaways are often caused by static electricity. Oldie but goodie – rub a dryer sheet lightly on your hair to keep flyaways at bay, says Bray.

Accept your limitations:
Never underestimate the greatness of a headband for those really tough days, says Petlack.