8 Hand Sanitizers to Help You Battle Flu Season

Rachel Adler
8 Hand Sanitizers to Help You Battle Flu Season
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With flu season under way this year and many health officials declaring that this may be the worst season that we’ve seen on record – some going as far as to say that we’re seeing an epidemic – many of us are a bit concerned about the germs we’re “inheriting” in public places. There are obviously only so many things you can do to stay healthy as you go about your normal day-to-day lives, and many of which consist of cleaning your hands.

Since you don’t always have access to a sink (and soap) before you reach up to touch your face or snack on some food as you run around each day, we’ve compiled some of our favorite and most reliable hand sanitizers for you to stock up on to stay healthy. While we’re also constantly struggling with dry hands through the colder months, many of these try to battle that with ingredients like shea butter and aloe, and will fight germs at the same time. Invest in a few of these (and get the flu shot) and you’ll show the flu who’s boss.

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La Fresh's individually packaged hand sanitizing wipes are great to slip into your purse for a busy day of exploring your city, or a long travel weekend. (La Fresh Healthy Hand Sanitizer Wipes (22 Count), $9.99, dermstore.com)

Cleanwell's All-Natural Foaming Hand Sanitizer is alcohol-free (which helps your hands to not dry out) plus, it's safe for kids to use. This is a great product to keep on your desk or at home. (Cleanwell All-Natural Foaming Hand Sanitizer, $4.99, drugstore.com)

EO Hand Sanitizer Wipes make sanitation on-the-go so much easier. Just slip one of these packs in your purse to clean your hands during the day (or before a meal out) and you'll be safe. Plus, the lavender scent is a huge bonus. (EO Hand Sanitizer Wipes, $3.99, cvs.com)

This spray-on hand sanitizer from Burt's Bees includes aloe and witch hazel and a bevy of vitamins so you don't have to worry about drying out your hands. (Burt's Bees Hand Sanitizer, $4.99, cvs.com)

This hand sanitizer from Jurlique actually works to moisturize and hydrate your skin as it is sanitizing it. (Jurlique Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer, $15, sephora.com)

Bath and Body Works will always be a go-to when it comes to anti-bacterial. They have "PocketBacs" in just about every scent, and some are even bedazzled. We're especially loving their Winter Cranberry and Cookie Dough scents right now. (Bath and Body Works Anti-Bacterial PocktBac, $1.50, bathandbodyworks.com)

Purell can't really be beat when it comes to hand sanitizers – it's simply the trusted brand. (Purell Hand Sanitizer, $3.49, drugstore.com)

This hand CVS brand hand sanitizer includes Shea Butter, to help leave hands moisturized. (CVS Hand Sanitizer with Shea Butter, $1.69, cvs.com)

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