7 Celebrity Hair Makeovers That Made Our Jaws Drop

Augusta Falletta
7 Celebrity Hair Makeovers That Made Our Jaws Drop

When it comes to celebrity hairstyles, all it takes is one great picture of Zooey Deschanel’s bangs or Blake Lively’s blonde highlights to make you want to call your hairstylist for an appointment. But if we get our inspiration from the stars, where do they find their ideas? Many times it’s for an upcoming movie role or it’s an attempt to fix a bad hair decision, but whatever the case, when the celebrities make a hair change, the beauty world sits up and takes notice.

Just in time for the changing season, celebs are changing their hairstyles in big ways. From Jessie J buzzing her head for charity to Ashley Benson¬†going brunette, there’s something in the water in Hollywood. Plus, the Spears sisters have been making changes while “Modern Family” co-stars both switched up their hair color, so we’re pretty intrigued by the “family makeover” trend happening. ¬†Take a look at the jaw-dropping celebrity makeovers we’ve been seeing lately and tell us which change you’re thinking of making in the comments below!

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