8 Beach-Ready Hairstyles For Your Memorial Day Weekend

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8 Beach-Ready Hairstyles For Your Memorial Day Weekend
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Life is all about options, and when it comes to a holiday weekend we’d rather focus on how many cute dresses and sandals we can fit into one suitcase and not how many hair products we need to keep our hair from looking frizzy.

In fact, we believe strongly in a go-to look that you can rock from Friday afternoon to Monday evening without having to switch it up for various activities like tanning your can or hitting a bar on the boardwalk. That’s why we went the distance and spent some time compiling a few hairstyles that are right on trend for summer 2012.

From messy buns and top knots to pretty braids and ponytails, it’s all about an easy, breezy look that works in every situation. After all, it may not be the official start to summer just yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work that beach goddess vibe for all it’s worth.

Skim through the slideshow above for eight great hair options for your holiday weekend getaway.

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A loose and messy fishtail looks sexy without trying too hard.

Have wavy hair? Don't fight it -- embrace it with a vintage scarf!

If you have short hair, grab some molding mud and piece out your layers. Add a headband for a chic, messy effect.

Get in touch with your own little mermaid; comb damp hair into sections, twist, secure and finish off with a neat bun.

A messy top knot is both sexy AND easy to work on and off the beach.

Amp up a plain ponytail by adding a gritty twist to tousled locks.

Have curly hair or colored locks you don't want to damage via the sun and salt? Try twisting sections of your hair at the nape of your neck and then pinning them up for a sweet vintage-inspired style.

When in doubt, opt for a casual bun and a cute hair wrap to set it off.

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