7-Year-Old Gets Plastic Surgery To Combat Bullies, Is It Ok?

Rachel Adler

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For those of you who were home this morning to watch Good Morning America (lucky kids you are) they aired a piece on 7-year-old Samantha Shaw, who recently got plastic surgery in order to fix her ears, and thus get rid of the annoying schoolyard bullies.

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Shaw’s mother, Cammie, flew her to New York from South Dakota for a surgery that pinned back both of her ears and fixed a fold on the right ear. Samantha appears to be completely unphased by the whole thing, but the folks on ABC were a bit skeptical.

There are of course a lot of issues that come up when you discuss anything about children and plastic surgery, and this story is no different. But, considering Samantha is 7 and she most likely will barely remember the procedure (and will probably have a much easier time in school, sadly) her mother may just have made the right choice.

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The main argument against these procedures at such a young age is that everyone should have the choice to embrace their flaws rather than have their parents fix them for them. But is it very likely that Samantha is going to wish that her ears stuck out when she was older? We doubt it.

What do you think? Do you think Samantha’s mom is in the wrong?

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Watch the video on abcnews.com

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