7 Ways to Stop Static Hair

Michelle Grossman


As a result of the cold weather, it seems like our hair has gone haywire with static, and we’re ready to do just about anything to get it under control. While it’s a common pesky problem, there are actually several simple solutions for slaying the static, and below, we’re showing you how. A fly-away free ‘do is in your future!

1. Sleep with a humidifier on. Why not conquer static hair while you sleep? Switch the humidifier on at night. It will put moisture into the air and to your hair, eliminating static.

2. Use a silicone-based conditioner. The silicone will work to coat your hair strands and neutralize the electric charge that causes static, so check the ingredients on the back of your bottle!

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3. Spray your comb with hairspray. Before you brush through your damp hair, spritz some hairspray on your comb—this will help reduce static once your hair dries.

4. Use a metal comb. Hairbrushes create more friction in your hair, so ditch them and opt for a comb instead. However, combs that are made of plastic can contribute to causing static, while metal combs actually reduce the amount of static present in your hair. Be sure to use a metal comb, as they cause the electric charges building in your hair to discharge!

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5. Blow dry with an ionic dryer. Just like silicone-based conditioners, ionic blow dryers also eliminate static by neutralizing the electric charge. Plus, they also significantly cut down the amount of time it takes to dry your hair. Win-win.

6. Frizz control spray is a must. For taming any hair craziness, frizz control spray is our go-to. We’ve been loving Quidad Climate Control, Frizz & Flyaway Fighter Taming Spray—just a few spritzes and everything is under control and static doesn’t stand a chance.

7. Swipe a dryer sheet on staticky strands. It might sound crazy, but they work just as well on hair as they do on clothes. If you ever need a quick fix for escaping some static, just run a dryer sheet along your hair and you’ll be as good as new.