7 Unexpected Ways to Use Hairspray

Augusta Falletta
7 Unexpected Ways to Use Hairspray
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Maybe it’s the enticing packaging or a weakness for all things beauty, but somehow we always manage to have about three different kinds of hairspray at any given time. Sure, the girls of Toddlers and Tiaras burn through about a can a week, but the rest of us tend to only use hairspray on special occasions.

Luckily, we’ve found a solution: seven uses for hairspray that have absolutely nothing to do with hair. If you’ve ever had a run in your stocking or a permanent ink mark on your favorite white button-down, flip through the slideshow to find out how hairspray can solve almost any problem.

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Keep your makeup in place longer by spraying some staying power after you're done applying. Lean your head back and spray hairspray directly above your face towards the ceiling. Wait for the hairspray to fall down onto your face, allowing your makeup to stay longer without feeling sticky.

(Blow Out Hairspray, $19.75, birchbox.com)

Remove permanent marker ink from your clothing by dampening the stain with water and then blotting the stain with a towel you've first sprayed with hairspray. Once you start blotting, you'll see the ink transferring from your clothing to the towel.

(80's Glam Fine Point Permanent Marker in Jellie Pink, $5.99 for 5 count, theconsumerlink.com)

Stop a run in your stockings by immediately spraying the run with hairspray when it happens. Once the hairspray is dry, your nylons will stick in place and won't run any further. On days when you know you'll be wearing pantyhose, put a travel size hairspray in your purse for emergency situations.

(Hanes Silk Reflections Women's Sheer Pantyhose, $14.05/3 pack, amazon.com)

Stop your zipper from falling down by spraying the teeth with hairspray. When your jeans are older or they aren't such high quality and you constantly find yourself having to zip up, it's time to use some hairspray.

(7 for All Mankind Kaylie Bootcut Denim, $169, 7forallmankind.com)

Remove lint from your clothing by spraying a considerable amount of hairspray on a rag and rubbing your clothing with the rag. With just the right amount of sticking power, the rag will remove lint in no time.

(Lint rollers, $2.09, createforless.com)

Much like removing lint, your favorite hairspray can also remove fur and hair from your clothing and upholstery. For fur, you just need a tissue coated in hairspray. Rub the tissue along whatever needs to be de-furred and everything will come off.

(Adrienne Landau Rabbit Hat, $104.99, saksfifthavenue.com)

If you're like the rest of us, you probably don't own a fly swatter, but you're always looking for one when you need to kill a fly. Next time, reach for the hairspray and douse the fly away. It's not exactly a bug zapper, but hey, it works.

(Mega Fly Swatter, $0.53, qualitylogo.com)

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