7 Questions You Should Be Asking At Your Beauty Counter

Rachel Adler

In most department stores, you have the option of a free makeup consultation (with a bit of guilt or pressure to buy a few products, but it really is free!). Many of us either avoid the women at the counters, or take advantage of the free makeup application, but not the consult that could come along with it. These ladies (and men) have tons of knowledge that we should be taking advantage of while getting all done up.

Realizing this, and the fact that we’re always overflowing with questions, we talked with NARS makeup artist Jenny Smith about 7 of our most commonly asked makeup qualms.

Whats the best way to properly cover blemishes and red spots?

Get your skin exfoliated and softened so that makeup goes on smoothly. Use NARSskin Hydrating Freshening Lotion to calm, soften and smooth away dry patches. This product is used on a cotton square like a toner, but actually hydrates and exfoliates as you smooth the cotton over your skin. Moisturize to finish smoothing the texture of your skin so that a concealer, like NARS Concealer Duo goes on perfectly. I like to use a concealer brush to blur out redness, imperfections, and blemishes. Many women use their fingers to blend concealer on, but most of it ends up on your fingers instead of your faces, so I like a brush.

What are some quick fixes that I can do to update my normal, everyday look?
Add some color and brightening moisturizer to your skin! A brightening serum works wonders for hydration, nourishment, vitamin/antioxidant protection, fine lines, and instant brightening! NARS Laguna or Casino Bronzing Powders make me feel brighter, more even-toned, and more awake without any sun damage.

How do you suggest evening out my skin tone?
Blur out redness or uneven skin tone with foundation and concealer. I love concealer duos because you can use one or mix both of the colors in the compact for times of the year when your skin is in between tones.

What are the best ways to prevent my makeup from creasing?
NARS’ new PRO-PRIME Pore Refining Primer and Multi Protect Primer with SPF are perfect for smooth lines, lasting makeup and for calming and soothing skin. NARS PRO-PRIME Skin Smoothing Face Prep to fill in lines pre-foundation or as a touch up throughout the day. This is a great way to fill in lines after a long day and before you go out at night. Beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin so be sure to lightly exfoliate and moisturize so that makeup doesn’t settle in where it shouldn’t.

How can I lighten up dark spots on my skin?
NARSkin Lightening Cream is the most incredible product I have ever used to fade freckles and sun spots. The Vitamin C is gentle, but effective as this night cream goes to work while you’re asleep. I like it because it’s a 2 in 1 product that moisturizes and repairs (fades away sun damage) while you’re sleeping. If you’ve already made the commitment to stay out of the sun and wear SPF every day, Lightening Cream is the only thing that’s missing from your night time pampering.

If I dont want to use a prescription lash lengthener how can I fake the look of long and full lashes?
Layer mascara on one eye, go to the other, and go back to where you started while the mascara is still freshly applied and easy to layer. Also, applying black eyeliner inside your top lashline beneath and above your lashes creating a thickening look that is especially effective for smaller eyes, asian eyes, and photos.

How do you suggest achieving long-lasting coverage?
The NARS PRO-PRIME line is especially effective for making foundation and powder last all day. I like to touch up with Powder Foundation to smooth skin, create a velvety, poreless look and brighten my complexion while taking away the look of any redness.

Image: istock.com