6 Unexpected Perks of Having Short Hair

Natasha Burton
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Charlize Theron knows a thing or two about the perks of short hair.

Whether you’re thinking about making a major cut—or perhaps regretting doing so— you may want to rethink any preconceived notions you have about sporting short hair. Because, when it comes down to it, cropped locks come with a slew of perks you’ve probably never thought of.

We chatted with Fernando Salas, creator of White Sands Hair Care, to get his thoughts on the upside to having a no-fuss ‘do. Here are his top six reasons why short hair rules.

1. You’ll keep people guessing.
There’s something mysterious and alluring about having the cojones, if you will, to chop off all of your hair. You may just have people asking themselves, ‘Wow, what will she do next?’”

2. You will feel sassier and sexier.
Cutting off your hair is not only liberating, but it can make your confidence level skyrocket, too. Embrace and play up your features: It is more than just about your hair, so let your personality shine through.

3. You will actually wear your hair how it was meant to be styled.
Your stylist spends hours cutting and coloring your hair a certain way. But, as much as you love having longer locks, you probably hid your hairstyle in buns and ponytails. With a short cut, it is easier to replicate that fresh-out-of-the-salon look every day. You’ll always feel coiffed.

4. You’ll have fewer tangles.
Knots and tangles are a think of the past once your long locks are history. This also means less breakage and fewer split ends—which, obviously, is pretty great.

5. You will save money on products.
Less hair equals less product used every time you style. Can’t argue with that.

6. You will look younger.
A shorter style will give an instant lift to your face, showing off your cheekbones, your smile, your eyes—well, you name it. With a cropped cut, your natural beauty can really come through more so than when you constantly have your long mane taking center stage.

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