6 Tricks to Sleeping On Wet Hair

Aly Walansky
Woman drying her hair with a towel


Sometimes the best recourse after a freezing commute home is a nice warm (not too hot!) shower. Letting that water run on our heads can help us feel like ourselves again. However, when you are exhausted, the last thing you want to do is to first start your blowout regimen. Sleeping on wet hair is often thought to be a bad idea – a sure sign you’ll wake up to a bad hair day. With the right tricks though, you may discover a whole new way to find your perfect style!

Celebrity hairstylist Mitch Stone says a quick and easy braid before bed can mean perfect locks in the morning. “One of my secret tricks is to add some serum or even a pinch of conditioner and then lightly towel dry. Braid any which way – two, three, even a fishtail. Go to sleep with damp hair, wake up, let out the braids, give it a little shake, and you will have gorgeous, sexy hair.”

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It’s a funny sounding word, but it’s a very popular way of sleeping with wet hair, says Susonnah Barklow, editor of NaturallyCurly.com. “All you do is take your wet hair and flip your head over and pile your hair on top of you head. Then you wrap it tightly in a microfiber towel. In the morning all you have to do is release and fluff!” says Barklow.

Pineapple Your Hair:
This idea is similar to plopping because you’re piling your hair on top of your head, says Barklow. But instead of wrapping it in a towel, you tie it with a satin scrunchie. Barklow says to make sure it’s a satin scrunchie so that you don’t wake up with a crease in the morning!

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Sleek Pony or Bun:
To achieve a posh, slick look, you can brush wet hair back into a low pony tail, adding a light gel for overnight hold to the surface of your hair. Using a silk scarf or bandanna to hold the sleek edges over night – this will allow for a quick and easy refresh in the morning, says Keshia Farrell of Shic by Soketah Salon in Brooklyn, New York.

Adapt Your Bedding:
Taking a break from heated styling tools during the dry winter months can be a great way to give your hair a respite from damaging heat and can also be a great way to achieve a low-maintenance, bombshell style, agrees Nicholas Penna Jr., Owner and Lead Stylist at SalonCapri. Keeping wet hair bedhead-free is all about fabric and reducing friction, so use a silk pillowcase on nights when you want your style to stay smooth, straight and frizz-free ‘till morning. The fabric slides over hair and thus reduces friction, static and irritation and will keep hair from getting those sleep creases and kinks.

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