6 Times to Shop For Beauty Online (And 4 Times You Never Should)

Jaclyn Sciara

Online Shopping

We all do it – open the countless emails with the tasteful headline begging us to try the latest beauty craze.  It can be hard to think that you can order a beauty product online, without being able to test out the shade or look at the color payoff.  Well, there is a time for everything and we are here to help you tackle the fight in your head of whether or not to order that adorable lipstick that is online waiting to come into your collection at home.  To navigate your decision, here are six times when it’s perfectly encouraged to shop beauty online, and four times you never should.

When It’s Perfectly Appropriate to Shop Beauty Online:

  • There is a Money Back Guarantee: Often times some online sites will offer a full refund when you try out a product you order and don’t like it.  If this is the case it is perfectly acceptable to get that awesome eyeshadow.
  • There is a Sale: If you’re getting a great deal on a beauty item you have had your eye on, go on and give it a try.
  • You Know the Brand:  If you have used other products before from a certain brand and trust what the company has to offer, then it is perfectly acceptable to buy a second lipstick from that brand.
  • You’re Repurchasing:  For those hectic days that you just can’t get to the store, you can be sure to order online.  This will save you a boat load of time and you already know the product works wonders!
  • Limited Edition: When your favorite celebrity collaborates with your favorite makeup brand and they are offering a midnight release online, you bet you can order online.  A lot of times those products sell out in stores and you can then guarantee you’re going to get the product you want if you order quickly!
  • Research:  If you have done your research, watched tutorials, read blogs and reviews, visited beauty forums online, you are ready to order.  Your homework is complete and if you feel confident in making a purchase go right ahead!

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When You Need To Get Offline:

  • New Skincare: Never order skin care products with a blind eye.  The skin is so sensitive and delicate and requires you to test the product in person.
  • Bold Colors:  Some shades will look completely different online so if you’re not sticking to the neutrals, some wines and berries can be delivered looking completely unexpected.
  • Trends:  Some beauty fads come and go and can also be quite expensive  to buy. Blue mascara for example isn’t for everyone and needs to be tried out and looked at before purchasing for the best results.
  • New Fragrances:  Although online descriptions have gotten extremely detailed, not everyone can remember the difference between the sent of a white lily and a purple lily off the top of their head.  When it comes to new scents, you’re better off in stores.

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