6 Quick Fixes for Your Worst Beauty Emergencies

First Aid Box

You’re on a first date and you’ve started sweating from places you didn’t even know had sweat glands. Next thing you know, your mascara’s running, your hair’s a disheveled mess and your confidence has flown the coop. Unless you want your first impression to be that of a drowned rat, we’ve got some essential beauty emergency quick fixes to keep you looking cool as a cucumber — and at least twice as cute — under pressure.

Problem: Your concealer wore off and that red pimple is showing.
Quick Fix: Visine gets the red out of more than just your eyes. Use a drop of it on small blemishes and pimples to calm down those throbbing blood vessels and take away the redness.

Problem: You broke a nail and your finger has turned into a deadly weapon.
Quick Fix: Grab a matchbox from the hostess stand or the bar and use the striking side of the box as a makeshift nail file.

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Problem: Your lashes have lost their luster and your Bambi eyes need freshening up.
Quick Fix: Swipe a spoon from the dessert table. Hold the spoon parallel to the floor with the concave side to your lashes. Use your thumb to gently press your lashes on the spoon curling them up for a fresh, flirty look.

Problem: Your deodorant just isn’t cutting it and you’re one step away from a pit stained silk top.
Quick Fix: Get some hand sanitizer from the bathroom and dab it under your armpits; the alcohol kills the bacteria and sops up some of the oil. A lemon wedge will also do the trick, plus leave you with a slight citrusy scent.

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Problem: You’re shining like a mirror — and not in the good way.
Quick Fix: Dates are stressful and so is managing your T-zone. If your face starts reflecting, grab some of that thin, single ply restaurant toilet paper and use it as an oil blotter. You’re one square away from a fresh matte finish.

Problem: Your hair is looking a little greasy but your spray bottle of dry shampoo is exactly where it should be, at home.
Quick Fix: A wet nap from the waitress will solve this issue. Dab it along the greasy parts of your hair and wait for the alcohol to soak up some of the oil.

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