6 Kitten Cute Beauty Essentials

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6 Kitten Cute Beauty Essentials
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Fact: Dogs may rule more homes in America, but when it comes to the internet, kittens pretty much have that world on lock. Just this week, everybody’s been buzzing over the brand new feline-inspired Paul & Joe Beaut campaign that recently hit the internet. Adorably chic and oh-so-pretty, we’re absolutely purring over the cute cosmetics and pretty packaging.

Of course, it’s the not the first time a sassy feline has graced (or inspired) some of our fave make-up products. In fact, upon doing a little research in our cosmetic bag we discovered we’re ever-so-slightly smitten with kitten pretties for our face, nails and bod.

Take a sneak peek at some of our fave in the slideshow above — and trust me when I say they’re all quite meowvelous.

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Once upon a time we lived and died by Benefit's Kitten Goes to Paris Highlighting Powder. Though no longer available, we're still hooked on the soft gleam and great scent it offered (yummy!).

It seems almost a shame to dot your lips with this kittenish collection - too cute! (Paul & Joe Cat Lipstick, $20 Urban Outfitters)

Need need to show your claws -- Sephora's special line of Hello Kitty cosmetics are still available in stores! (Liquid Nail Art, $5.00 Sephora)

Back in the day, we owned just about every piece from MAC's special edition Hello Kitty collection. (Thankfully you can still snag some from select Amazon retailers!)

Only Katy Perry could possibly rival our obsession with well-coiffed felines. Her Purr perfume doesn't require a scratch behind the ears, but a dab at the wrists is just as divine...(Purr by Katy Perry, $45-$65 Nordstrom)

Foreign cosmetics are equally fab and Holika Holika from Korea is no exception. This cat blusher and highlighter has won rave reviews worldwide. Meowza!

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