50’s New Scent

Rachel Adler

When you think of men who smell good, the beautiful visions of David Beckham or Sean Combs dance in your head (or at least in mine). Or, if you think like Janice, Mr. Tanner from Full House comes to mind because well, “He was really anal about cleaning his house.”

What I’m getting to here is that 50 Cent does not come to mind. But alas, he has joined the ranks of the hip hop artists (Rihanna, Jay-Z, Kanye West) and is launching a fragrance later this year.

50 Cent will be teaming up with Lighthouse Beauty to release the men’s cologne, which will be called Power by 50 Cent. The singer already has experience in fashion and beauty, as he already has a G Unit clothing line and is creating a range of beauty products, including moisturizer and night creams as well. According to MSN.com, “his range will be for a guy who likes to be pampered.”

The fragrance will be available in Macy’s department stores later this year.

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