The 40 Best Beauty How-To Articles on the Web

Augusta Falletta
The 40 Best Beauty How-To Articles on the Web
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The internet has become a pretty daunting place—especially when it comes to searching out the best beauty articles and how-tos. With the explosion of beauty bloggers and YouTubers, there’s so many tutorials to sift through that it can get totally overwhelming. Not that we’re complaining—we love having access to so much info—but we’d rather spend our free time trying out great tutorials as opposed to searching for them.

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In the interest of helping to answer every question you could ever ask about hair, makeup, and anything else related to primping, we’ve put together 40 of the most useful how-to articles we could find.

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Do you know of any amazing how-to’s that we left out? Let us know in the comments section below—we’re always looking for new lessons to learn!

Originally published June 2012. Updated April 2017.

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