5-Year-Old Makeup Guru’s Mom Speaks, Claims It’s Just “Play”

Rachel Adler

The 5-year-old that we’ve all grown to love (if you don’t recall her cute little voice gushing over how soft the brushes are, check out her videos) has garnered all sorts of attention from across the country.

The budding makeup artist’s mother has gotten some bad press (and harsh criticism) for letting her play with makeup at such a young ageand it’s evident she knows a lot about it considering she can explain contouring and different makeup products. Her mother, Mary Hohrine has spoken to Good Morning America when Madison became a sensation, and won over the GMA crowd.

She also spoke to FashionEtc., noting that, “If you watch her videos, she loves everything. Her catch phrase is ‘Ireally love it, you got to try it!'”

But, in a time of Toddlers & Tiaras and Botox Mom, watching such a young child play with makeup can be taken the wrong way, and not just as “cute.” Dr. Logan Levkoff, author of the book Third Base Ain’t What it Used to Be, made a point to say to GMA that, “It’s weird for a little girl to know about contouring and makeup and angles. We have a society where we sexualize little girls, almost from birth on. The fact is all these Toddlers & Tiaras shows, the products, whether it’s push-up bras for tween girls or shapeups for girls to firm their butts, all of this sends the message that our girls aren’t good enough. It’s the message that our girls aren’t valued.”

Mary Hohrine said that her daughter isn’t allowed to play with makeup all of the time, and said that, “They know she is just playing, and doesn’t wear makeup every day.”

What do you think of Madison being allowed to play with makeup? Is it wrong to let her start using cosmetics so young?