5-Year-Old Makeup Guru Is At It Again

Rachel Adler

Our favorite You Tube makeup artist Madison is back, showing us how to draw on a pirate eye patch, just in case we want to practice for a few months before Halloween.

Madison is pretty talented at drawing circles around her eye, and even goes the extra lengths to show us which eyeshadow and brush she uses to fill in that patch. But, if you notice in this video she isn’t quite as good at coloring inside the lines. All thing’s considered (like, the fact that she’s 5), the girl is knd of a makeup genius.

Also, Madison’s mom must be saving a ton of money on coloring books, considering her child is simply coloring all over her face, but she is fostering quite the video talent.

What do you think of the latest You Tube star? Some commenters on the video got upset that her mother was letting her play with so much makeup, do you think they’re overreacting?

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