5 Ways To Take Your Fitness Routine Outside


Warm summer days are the perfect time to indulge in a number of outdoor activities—from lounging around the pool to dining al fresco—and also offer a great excuse to skip the gym and take your workout outside. Not sure where to start? Grab those sneakers and try these fitness ideas pronto.

Trail Running
Let that treadmill gather some dust for the next few months, and hit up a local trail instead. Trail running is a great change of pace from road running (and the treadmill) because the uneven terrain requires balance and total engagement, creating a more intense workout. Without even increasing your speed, your aerobic and anaerobic energy systems will be tapped.

Take An Outdoor Class
Skip the yoga studio and head for the park. You can find outdoor classes in your area through sites like meetup.com that locate yoga, pilates and strength training classes within miles of your home. Plus, many fitness trainers and yoga studios offer regular classes outside, like Will Torres’ new Stealth program at Christopher St. Pier in Manhattan. Can’t find a class nearby? Create your own pilates or yoga routine and just find an open patch of land.

Scavenger Hunt
Amp up your run by incorporating exercises along the way like pushups and squats. Every time you see a bench, stop and do three pushups. Every time you pass a water fountain, do three lunges. The hunt will keep you distracted while also incorporating strength training, so you’ll have more time for the things you love—like summer cocktails.

Play a Sport
Miss gym class? Bring back your competitive side by joining a local rec team or coordinating your own game of tennis or one-on-one basketball. Regardless of the sport, you’ll freshen up your hand-eye coordination skills, get an intense workout in, and meet a few new people along the way.

Take your cardio to the water with low-impact kayaking or canoeing. While this workout may seem to only target the upper body, it actually also tones the legs and core, burning up to 800 calories an hour! Plus, the view itself is enough to get you out there. Check your local park or neighborhood pier for rentals or instructional classes.

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