5 Ways to Look Better Naked

Natasha Burton
Look better naked

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We’d like to think that we have the confidence of a Victoria’s Secret model in the bedroom, but when it comes time to take it all off … well, not so much. From fretting over the inevitable cellulite on our backsides to being self-conscious about our scaly elbows, we can usually think of more than a few reasons to be nervous about getting naked. Which, of course, make us lose sight of the fact that it’s supposed to be about having fun and being comfortable with yourself—exactly as you are.

Banish those body hang-ups for good with these five secrets for feeling seriously sexy in your own skin.

1. Find the Best Lighting

We all know the evils of unflattering lighting (hello, department store swimsuit section dressing rooms). Change out your standard bedside lamp bulbs to ones with a pink tinge, or just look for standard bulbs that have less of a blue hue. (Bluish lights actually keep you from falling asleep, so they’re a bad idea for the bedroom in general.) Add in some candles and you’ll start feeling more confident already.

2. Be Supple

Keeping your skin moisturized — especially as temperatures drop and dryness starts setting in —  is a sure-fire way to feel better in the buff. Make a habit of slathering on lotion morning and night to keep your bod extra touchable.

Sexpert Emily Morse also suggests making a rubdown mutual — you can moisturize and get cozy at the same time. Light an aromatherapy massage candle, then take turns working the oil into your skin, setting a mood and making you look amazing in the process. (Morse recommends her new line of Emily & Tony massage candles, which are made with coconut and soybean oil and last 50 hours.)

3. Get Your Shimmer On

Give your skin a little bit of extra glow with a kissable shimmer dust. Morse says she’s partial to Crazy Girl Diva Dust, which is actually infused with pheromones to enhance sex appeal and makes you sparkle just enough to reflect light in all the right places. (You can’t go wrong with the dust’s honey-vanilla flavor.)

4. Go for the Golden

Spring for a spray tan or rub on some faux tanning lotion if you’re feeling not-so-sexy at your palest during the winter months. A honey hue can hide imperfections like stretch marks, cellulite, bruises, and varicose veins — and make you seem slimmer to boot. Plus, who doesn’t want to look like they just back from vacation during the dreariest months of the year?

5. Practice to Make Perfect

All of the above tips will help you feel more comfortable getting naked, but real comfort comes from within. Morse advises practicing walking around your bedroom naked the next time you’re alone. (Yes, we’re serious!) Look into the mirror and tell yourself all the things you love about your body — then repeat. Make your bedroom — heck, make every room of your house — a negativity-free zone.

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