5 Ways to Help Prep Your Hair for Winter

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Temperatures are dropping and the cold temperatures of winter will soon be upon us, which can really throw a kink in your hair routine. Colder weather can make tresses brittle and dry, often forcing us to make a simple ponytail our new standard ‘do. (Boring!)

Combat your winter hair woes even before the season starts to keep your mane in tip-top shape all the way to New Year’s. Fernando Salas, hair stylist and creator of White Sands Hair Products, shares his tips for prepping your hair for cold-weather gorgeousness.

1. Amp up your hair’s moisture level.

To achieve a frizz-free texture with any hair type, balanced moisture in the inner structure of each strand is needed. When the hair shaft is balanced with the proper amount of moisture, the environment—in this case, winter—will not cause your strands to frizz. To achieve the perfect moisture balance, first repair any damage caused from color processing, perming, and natural UV and UVB stress with a shampoo and conditioner that can penetrate proteins deep inside the hair shaft, rather than just packing them on top.

2. Stop static at the start.

Once your hair is strong enough to withstand the winter elements, focus your cleansing routine on retaining that moisture, which will help prevent those cold-weather flyways. Products with wheat amino acids promote moisture when applying hot tools, while those with silk amino acids have properties that create a positive charge to damaged hair fibers and will keep your tresses polished.

3. Deep condition the right way

It’s important to close the cuticle layer to define color, texture and shine all season long. Deep conditioners, like White Sands ER Fusion Deep Reconstructive Conditioning Treatment, can bring you some serious hair help. The formula contains amino cystines to repair damage and lemongrass extract to enhance color. The product shows results lasting up to 30 days and takes just 20 minutes to apply and heat-set.

4.  Boost limp locks: Since dry winter air can leave hair flat against the scalp, products with style memory are a must to create—and maintain—your favorite hairstyle throughout the day. If you tend to wear hats during winter, a style memory spray can also ensure that deflated hair is a problem of the past. Try White Sands Liquid Texture Styling Spray line, which boasts long-lasting staying power, no matter what the weather’s like. The sprays are actually “thermal intelligent” (as in, they make your locks look even shiner and stronger when you use your hot styling tools) and they’ll help your hair bounce back right into place—even after wearing a beanie.

5. Schedule that trim.

Dry air means more split ends. A simple trip to your stylist is a must as your prepare for the deep freeze. After all, split ends and damaged cuticles will cause your hair to appear thinner and give it that unwanted stringy look. Hair that’s weakened toward the ends is in need of a quick chop.

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