5 Unexpected Uses for Mascara Wands

Kelly Dougher

mascara wands

The best beauty tools are those that multi-task. When you can use one product for several different purposes, you save both money and valuable makeup storage space.

Seems like a no-brainer, right? Well, it’s very likely that there’s one common beauty tool that you’re only using for one purpose when it can actually be used for many: the humble mascara wand. It may not have occurred to you that your mascara wand can be used for so many things other than applying mascara.

Packs of mascara wands are quite cheap, and you can find them online or at beauty supply stores. You can also feel free to repurpose the wand from a mascara that you don’t like–just clean it thoroughly first with makeup remover.

Once you have a clean mascara wand, use it to…

1. Groom eyebrows.
This is one of the simplest and most useful ways to reuse a mascara wand. If you simply want to neaten up your brows a little, brush a dry mascara wand through them, angling slightly upwards. If you want to add some hold, spray some hair spray or even dab some Vaseline on the wand first. It will completely revitalize your brows, making them seem thicker and tidier with one swipe.

2. Tame fly-aways.
If you constantly have annoying fly-aways or baby hairs sticking out from your hairstyle, just take a mascara wand with hair spray on it and brush those bad boys flat.

3. Create your perfect mascara.
Ever find that you love the shape and size of one mascara’s wand, but vastly prefer another mascara’s formula? Simply stick the wand of mascara #1 into the tube of mascara #2 to create your Holy Grail mascara. (The only caveat is that, of course, not every wand will fit into every tube.)

4. Condition lashes.
Castor oil is used by many woman to condition and grow their hair. Using it on your brows and eye lashes may help them grow thicker, stronger, and shinier–but it’s a pain trying to slather it on. A clean mascara wand makes it much less of a chore, and it ensures that you’re coating every. Single. Lash.

5. Create some awesome nail art.
When getting creative with nail art, it helps to think outside of the box. The bristles on a mascara wand can help give nail art an interesting, abstract look. Start with a base color, and then when the base color is dry use the mascara wand to brush a different color on top of it. You can brush on several different colors, or even start at the top of the nail and slowly apply less pressure for a gradient effect.

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