5 Trendy Beauty Habits to Break in 2012

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5 Trendy Beauty Habits to Break in 2012
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With every new trend comes both an upside and a downside. In the case of beauty, this often leads to wear, tear and long-term damage to our most prized possesions — our hair, nails, face and skin.

OBVIOUSLY, you want to look great, but not at the expense of damaging our own natural beauty (you know, that thing you were born with?). So in an effort to save what God gave ya’ we’re giving you a free pass in 2012 to NOT feel pressured to do it all.

Whether you stick to a simple pink mani or crop your hair into a short bob, we say stick to the one trend that feels right and let somebody else suffer through the latest and greatest beauty procedure or product.

Check out the slideshow above to see the five trendy beauty habits you might want to check out before you make another trip to the makeup counter in 2012.

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1. Skip The Dip Dye -- you love it, we love it, but dip dying can be seriously taxing on your hair since the darker the hue the more bleach you need to use for optimum effect. We say try simple clip-in extensions if you like your tresses bright and bold.

2. Cut Your Extensions Habit -- speaking of extensions, they can do a number on your hair too. Sewing and repeatedly gluing in tracks can destroy healthy hair over time. Just ask Jennifer Aniston (who recently cropped her locks after years and years of extended extension abuse).

3. Rethink Your Nail Art -- straight nail polish is fine, but if you're investing in a gel manicure over and over again, you can bet your nail bed is going to suffer. Crave something funky and fresh? Try appliques or adhesives instead.

4. Switch Your Lip Balm -- repeated use of commerical lip balm can prove to be addicting for your lips and cause increased dryness. Want to keep your pucker perfect? Try organic jojoba or coconut oil instead.

5. Stop The Perfume Abuse -- do you douse yourself in your favorite scent daily? According to a 2008 study, it could be a sign of depression. If you find you can't live without a cloud of your perfume following you all day long, it might be time to see your doctor and limit your application to one or two spritzes.

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