5 Things People Will Do to Meet Tom Ford

Amanda Elser

Last night was the launch of Tom Ford’s beauty collection and while I braved Bergdorf Goodman’s to see the man, the myth, the legend — I certainly wasn’t the only one. I realized women (and some men) will go to extreme lengths to catch a glimpse of the impeccably groomed Mr. Ford. And beyond the standard drooling, picture taking and ogling, I was surprised to see the lengths that some people will go to meet this infamous man.

1. Show up ON time to an event.That in itself is groundbreaking, but not only do they show up on time, they show up in droves to shake his hand.

2. Try jumping the velvet ropes in their 4 inch heels to get ahead in the line, only to inevitably trip and fall on top of their Bergdorf Goodman shopping bags.

3. Once the security guard dressed in his chic suit (since, of course this is Tom Ford and Bergdorfs) forcefully removes the stiletto-line-jumper from the line, said stiletto-line-jumper will gather herself/himself but during the process, step on the toes of the innocent bystander who was smart enough to wear flats (i.e. me).

4.? Anyone trying to cut the line eventually come to their senses and cave and purchase a product from the newly launched Tom Ford Beauty collection and gleefully take their spot at the end of the line once it is clear that they will not be sneaking up front.

5. One handshake and photo opportunity later, wait in clusters together on the outskirts of the velvet rope showing off the upside of the lipstick they got and that Tom Ford signed with his gold felt marker. Even after the last friend dwindles away, and the custom signed lipstick is now obsolete, it remains out of the box, held delicately until it is 100 percent dry. Because God forbid you risk smudging this elusive signature.

If you missed the chance to meet Mr. Ford himself (and chose to stay safe at home) but still want some of his beauty products, you can head to Bergdorfs to purchase, free from harm.

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