5 Quick & Easy Ways to Fake a Flawless Complexion

Kristen Bousquet


clear skin


If there’s one thing every girl wants in terms of beauty, it’s a flawless complexion. While it might not be the easiest thing to actually get that flawless complexion quickly (since most skincare regimens take time before they become noticeable), faking a flawless complexion is quick and easy for anyone.

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To fake flawlessness, you’ll need some tools and products that can cover up any imperfections—i.e. acne, scars, large pores, or dark circles– to turn your skin into an even canvas and make sure it will stay put throughout the day so you can feel confident no matter what conditions your skin is faced with. Check them out below!


Start off with a concealer
There’s nothing like a good concealer to hide any blemishes, dark circles or scaring, so we turn to CoverGirl first to get our skin looking flawless. After moisturizing, grab your Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Concealer and dab it onto any areas on your face you want to cover with the sponge-tipped wand. With your first two fingers, gently pat the concealer to blend it into your skin. This oil-free concealer will immediately help to cover imperfections and dark circles. It also comes in six shades and features a light formula that will keep you covered all day long leaving your skin looking flawless.

Tip: When concealing under your eyes, make a triangle starting under the inner corner of your eye, going all the way down next to your nose, then back up to the outer corner of your eye. This will brighten the entire under eye area, not just right underneath your eyes.

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Follow up with foundation
In order to get the rest of your face looking as amazing as the spots you’ve covered with your concealer, you’ll need a great foundation. Luckily, there’s the Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation. Coming in 12 unique shades, this oil-free, medium coverage foundation will do wonders to even your skin tone and cover those imperfections even more. The result? Flawless, natural looking skin that you can rock all day long! Don’t worry about it slipping away during the day since this baby features a built-in powder system that fights shine, pulling oil and sweat away from the face instead of trapping them under your foundation.



Blend, blend, blend!
We’re about to let you in on a little secret… Blending is the key to having your skin look flawless. One of the best ways to get a natural, flawless complexion is to blend your foundation using a sponge. Skip using a brush since it may leave brush marks and your fingers could be dirty which can lead to unwanted dirt and oil getting into your skin, so a sponge is the way to go. Put a little foundation on the outside of your hand, dip your sponge into it and dab it all over your face to flawlessly blend in your foundation.

Tip: Rather than gliding the sponge across your skin, make sure to dab. This will help to avoid any visible strokes of the foundation on your skin.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 2.50.55 PM


Always set your liquid foundation with a powder
Setting a liquid foundation with a powder is almost mandatory. We find it super useful—especially for those with oily or combination skin—since it will “set” your makeup onto your face even if you happen to touch your face throughout the day, it won’t slip off.

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Give yourself a little bronze glow
Once you have the perfect base (i.e. concealer, foundation and powder), you’ll want to finish off your flawless complexion with a little bronzer. Since you’ve given yourself an even skin tone, putting a little depth back into your face is mandatory to making your complexion look natural. Grab a small powder brush and take a little bronzer right below your cheekbones, up onto the sides of your forehead and right at your jawline. Again, make sure to blend this as best as possible for a natural and flawless look.

Faking a flawless complexion is only a matter of five quick steps that we’ve laid out for you. Now go on and try it yourself!

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