5 Beauty Products I’m Thankful For


1. Almay make-up remover pads: these one-step pads are just strong enough to take off my mascara without irritating the      oh-so-delicate skin under my eyes.
2. Crest Whitening Strips: since I can’t live without my daily cup of coffee, these strips keep me from seeing the consequences on my teeth or in my wallet.
3. Rosebud Lip Slave: equal parts moisturizing and glossy, this chic lip salve is even nice to look at.
4. Kerastase Deep Conditioner: I use this fresh-smelling deep conditioner on the ends of my hair almost every time I wash my hair. It keeps the ends incredibly hydrated so they don’t break or split.
5. Stila eye shadow in Kitten: for day or night, this is the perfect almost-there shade of sheer pink shimmer.