5 Infographics on How to Make Hair Grow Faster

Augusta Falletta

For girls who care so much about their hair, we don’t always treat it properly. Between the dyeing and bleaching and heat styling, our hair really takes a beating on a daily basis. Over time, the damaging effects of our lack of hair care are unavoidable and action needs to be taken. Damaged, dried out hair doesn’t look good on anyone, and the worse your hair condition is, the less it will grow. Luckily, there are some natural, at-home steps you can take to make your hair healthy again and in turn, make your hair grow faster.

From foods that make your hair shiny to DIY hair masks you can make at home, we’ve rounded up eight infographics that lay out the best ways to get your hair healthy in simple, easy to read English. Take a look at the priceless information we found and make a a few changes to your hair routine.

Foods you should eat for healthy hair

Image via BiteSizeWellness.com

What you put into your body is just as important to hair health as what you put on your hair, so be proactive in eating the right foods for healthy hair. Think proteins, vegetables and complex carbs.

1 cpr for hair 5 Infographics on How to Make Hair Grow Faster

Image via BlackHairInformation.com

If your hair is breaking constantly, CPR is the best way to make your strands healthy again. By adding ceramides, protein, rest and relaxation to your routine, your hair will thank you.

infographics Shiny Hair 3

Image via TheHealthyHavenBlog.com

Some tips for shiny hair may seem obvious, like not smoking cigarettes, but others are less obvious, like eating fish and pumpkin for their nutrients.

2 Repair Damaged Hair at Home

Image via LoveInfographics.com

At home hair treatments are often the most tried and true, especially to repair broken hair. With ingredients you have in your kitchen like hot oil, egg yolk and olive oil and vitamin E, repair broken hair with your groceries.

8 Vitamins for hair growth

Image via BlackHairInformation.com

If you’re looking into which vitamins to take for hair growth, learn the difference between your options to make the best decision for your hair.

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