5 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your Beauty Routine

Michelle Grossman
girl with curly brown hair

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Whether you want those few extra minutes of beauty rest in the morning, or your friends are insisting you hurry it up with the makeup so that you’re not late to the party (again), we’ve all had our moments where our beauty routine has been cut short and we’re stuck with a look that we weren’t going for. However, being pressed for time doesn’t mean you need to skip out on some steps, but instead just speed them up, so below, we’re running you through how to do just that.

1. Get organized. If you’re a little out of order like we used to be, you’re wasting the majority of your time just searching for products. Having things scattered all over the place makes for a guessing game every time you go to get ready, and every second you spend searching for that eyeliner is another second you lose during application – and we all know a good cat-eye takes time. If you do something as simple as get organized, you’ll be amazed at how much quicker your beauty routine will be, and how much smoother it will go.

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2. Multi-task. From letting your hair dry while you do your makeup, to shaving your legs while you let your conditioner sink in, these are just some instant ways to fast forward and make the most of your time.

3. Use products that are dual-purpose. Lip and cheek tints are ideal because they’re one product that you can use in two places – and what beats a two-in-one? A three-in-one. Instead of having to use a moisturizer, primer, and foundation opt for a BB or CC cream which hydrates, preps, and provides coverage all at once.

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4. Opt for long-lasting effects. If you put in the work now, you’ll see the results later. Instead of struggling with your hair every day, go out and get yourself a good haircut, which will make all the difference when it comes to styling. Instead of taking time out to touch up your chipped nails nearly every day, try out a gel manicure which will give you up to two weeks wear, chip-free. Instead of applying falsies or several coats of mascara on a daily basis, consider getting lash extensions or tinting, this way they’re always good to go just how they are.

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5. Have a go-to look. As much as we all love trying out new looks, we all need that one we know we can count on. Find a simple look that works for you, this way if you’re ever in a rush, you’ll know exactly what to do.