5 Easy Ways to Dry Your Hair Faster

Michelle Grossman


Truth be told, as much as we like to look good, sometimes we just don’t have that extra time to put the effort into doing so. As girls on the go, we’re all for any quick fixes that will speed up our getting ready process. In the summer, we ditched the blowdryers altogether and embraced wet hairstyles – but, now as we’re entering colder months, that would be a surefire recipe for sniffles and sore throats. It’s no secret that blowdrying your hair can take a long time, however there are a few secrets that can help you get it done quicker. So, next time you find yourself racing against the clock with wet hair, just remember these 5 ways to dry your hair faster, that we’re filling you in on below.

Towel-dry with a microfiber towel: Seriously, you need to get one. Microfiber towels are super absorbent so they’ll soak up any water in your hair in no time. Just remember to always squeeze instead of rubbing, as rubbing can break your hair.

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Use a blowdrying spray: Yes, they exist and yes, they actually work. Blowdrying sprays, like Kms California’s Free Shape Quick Blow Dry, lock the moisture into your hair which helps reduce blowdrying time, this way you don’t have to damage your hair by turning the heat on full-blast while blowdrying.

And, a ceramic round-barreled brush: A ceramic round-barreled brush will warm up under the blowdryer and help direct heat. Containing fewer bristles than traditional brushes, ones like Olivia Garden’s Ceramic + Ion Turbo Vent Pro Round Brush allow more airflow, which will help speed up your drying time.

Switch to an ionic dryer: With ionic blowdryers, like the Hot Tools Tourmaline IONIC Professional Dryer, the negatively charged ions help evaporate the water from your hair, while using less heat. They can help hurry up the process by up to 70 percent – plus, they make hair smoother and less fried.

Direct the heat: While you’re blowdrying, point the nozzle of your dryer downwards as you run it from root to end. Doing this will routinely push any water out of your hair quicker, while also eliminating frizz, as you will be working with the direction of the hair rather than against it.