5 Quick Fixes for Everyday Leg Woes

Caitlin S. Miller

Most women share the same frustrations that no amount of sunbathing, waxing or squats can guarantee flawless legs. Some problems that your limbs face, such as cellulite, are simply genetic, while others like sunspots or freckles are brought on by environmental factors. But fear not, leg baring-lovers: where there is a problem, there is a solution. We rounded up five of the most common leg issues and found quick fixes for these pesky problems. From pale skin to ingrown hairs and everything in between, we’re tackling your biggest leg woes—from hip to toe!

Pale or discolored legs
This summer’s beach trip may have left you with a gorgeous glow, but as the saying goes, nothing lasts forever. But a faded tan isn’t the only thing that causes discoloration on your legs. Skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, sun spots or hyperpigmentation can also cause uneven skin tone. To mask any of these conditions and create a more lively looking tone, try Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs for all-around even skin tone and coverage. Try one shade deeper for a more tanned look.

airbrush legs 2

Large pores and visible hair follicles
If you’re left with dark spots post-shaving, you might be suffering from “strawberry legs.” Don’t panic though, you don’t have to live with the seed-like dots forever. Caused by open pores, these dark spots are a result of excess sebum clogging the enlarged follicle. Just as this can cause blackheads on the face, these dark spots can occur on other parts of the body, such as the legs. Help prevent congested pores with an exfoliating scrub before shaving to slough off dead skin cells and keep pores from clogging.

Ingrown hairs and razor burn
While highly unpleasant, both of these shaving hazards can easily be remedied. Ingrown hairs are caused by tiny hair follicles curving and growing back into the skin. The result is an inflamed bump that can be painful and unsightly. Minimize your risk of ingrown hairs with an ingrown hair eliminating pad, which contains powerful ingredients such as salicylic and glycolic acids to fight post-shaving irritation. To prevent razor burn, opt for a shaving gel with hydrating properties to let your razor glide over skin easily—friction is what causes the painful rash.

Freckles, veins and imperfections
Freckles and veins are two common occurrences, often out of your control. If either of these problems leaves you feeling a tad self-conscious, reach for a leg makeup like Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs to quickly and easily touch up and hide any imperfections.

Cellulite might be the most common leg complaint among women. However, sometimes a trip to the gym simply can’t remove this beauty woe. For many, cellulite is a genetic condition where fat is pushed against connective tissue in the skin, giving it a rippled appearance. If exercise and a change in diet don’t cure your cellulite, opt for a topical solution such as Mio Skincare Shrink to Fit Cellulite Smoother, which boasts firming and improved circulation.

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