5 Colorless Products You Need In Your Makeup Arsenal

Angelica Di Guglielmo
Cara Delevigne Burberry


When we think makeup, we usually think COLOR!–bright red lipsticks, glowing, flushed cheeks, and eyeshadows that make your eyes pop. But what if we told you that the trick to applying makeup flawlessly starts with products with no color in them at all? From primers to powders to gels, colorless makeup products are an absolute necessity to have in your makeup collection in order for your look to be perfected and polished. They’re essential for both prepping and finishing off a makeup application and are hassle-free, since the lack of color allows for a less precise application–perfect for those of us who are always in a rush! We’ve rounded up 5 of our must-have colorless makeup products that you need in your life right now.

1. Colorless powder
A truly translucent powder is an absolute must-have for your makeup stash. Just like a regular powder, it works to set your makeup so it stays in place. However, the fact that it is colorless will ensure that your foundation color doesn’t change upon application or throughout the day. Our best pick is the industry staple, RCMA No Color Loose Powder.

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2. Eyeshadow primer
Eyeshadow primers, which most often dry clear but also come in a variety of colors, are essential for prolonging the wear of your eyeshadows. Just a dab of this colorless product and your shadows will appear more vibrant, apply more smoothly, and stay put all day long. We absolutely adore Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion.

3. Clear brow gel
For those moments when our brows just don’t want to cooperate, brow gel is a lifesaver. Brow gels come in a variety of styles–clear, tinted, fibered. Swiping a bit of a clear brow gel, like Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Clear Brow Gel, through your brows and combing the hairs into place after filling them in will pull your whole look together. They’re even perfect for the days when you’re feeling a bit lazy, but still want to look polished. Applying some to bare brows will make them appear fuller and more defined.

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4. Colorless lip liner
You’re probably thinking: “Colorless lip liner? That actually exists?” Yes, it does, and it’s pretty awesome. A colorless lip liner primes your lips for lipstick application and “defines” the edges, preventing color from bleeding. The result? Longer lasting lipstick that goes on smooth without the hassle of trying to perfectly trace your lips with a colored liner. A great and affordable option? Milani’s Anti-Feathering Lip Liner.

5. Makeup Finishers
With only a few on the market, makeup finishers are hidden gems. These products are usually clear, lightweight, pressed silicone gels, such as Mally Beauty’s Evercolor Poreless Face Defender, and are applied with a sponge in a patting motion. They’re perfect for mattifying the face, reducing the appearance of pores, prolonging the wear of foundation and freshening up your makeup after a long day.