4th of July Nail Art Ideas to Steal the Show This Independence Day

4th of July Nail Art Ideas to Steal the Show This Independence Day
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Let’s get a little inspiration-nail for Independence Day, shall we? Whether you’re planning a party or heading to a BBQ, the time is now to break out the shades of red, white and blue and paint a pretty patriotic picture on your nails!

4th of July outfits (think shirts adorned with flags and denim cutoffs with stripes) can look a little overboard, but an Independence Day manicure will look festive without looking crazy. All you’ll need to create these looks are red, white and (you guessed it!) blue polish. Go the extra mile with some glitter polish, rhinestones, and some nails stamps of your liking. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite 4th of July nail art ideas above so your nails will get more attention than the fireworks!

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Stars, stripes, fireworks and of course, I <3 USA on your nails is the perfect way to kickoff Independence Day! A bit of a challenge never hurt anybody - would you take up this nail art in honor of the good ol' US of A?

Image via Pshiiit.com

Love the look of stamping on the nails? You’ll absolutely adore this super cute nautical July 4th look that's easier than anything we’ll ever attempt on our nails! You’ll need red polish, navy polish, white polish and of course, the coolest of stamps: stripes and anchors! 

Image via DailySomething.com

Red, white and blue glitter gradient is another simple nail look that anyone can do…all you need to make the gorgeous gradient is a makeup sponge to dab red glitter on your nail tips over a luscious navy crème polish. 

Image via GothamPolish

Ombre on! You’ll need five different shades of nail polish in the same color family for this manicure. Try choosing colors from bright blues or reds and try to find hues that are close to the same shade, think subtle difference for a smooth gradiation of color. 

Image via The Beauty Department

Maybe you prefer patriotic polka dot tips? They're cute, simple and totally festive.

Image via The Daily Varnish

Nautical nails anyone? A more simple look than the first, we suggest using straight strip stickers for the horizontal white lines, but if you have a steady hand, go for it and paint on the stripes. Don’t forget the cute heart detail! 

Image via The Beauty Department

Get twisted with these red, white and blue nails for 4th of July. This is a cool way to wear the white nail polish trend while keeping things patriotic. 

Image via All Lacquered Up

RWB swirls! Celebrate the birthday of America with confetti and lots of red, white, and blue swirls and twirls. 

Image via Tarts n Talons

USA nail love is the perfect way to salute your country. 

Image via Rad Nails

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