4 MacGyver Tricks For Lipstick

Klaudia Kaczmarek


Nars makeup artist James Boehmer uses lipstick as eye shadow at Creatures of the Wind

Nars makeup artist James Boehmer uses lipstick as eye shadow at Creatures of the Wind.
Photo: Courtesy of Nars

There’s no need to throw out that tube of lipstick you rarely use just because you don’t love the way the color looks on your lips. Just like with eyeshadow, there are plenty of not-so-obvious ways to use lipstick in your beauty routine. We channeled our inner MacGyver once again to show you how.

Lipstick = Cream Blush
You’d be surprised at how often makeup artists use lipstick as blush backstage at fashion shows. Have a crazy bold shade you’re afraid to wear on your pout? Apply it to your cheeks using your fingers to blend a sheer wash of color that you can build gradually without looking like a clown.

Lipstick = Tinted Lip Balm
DIY alert! If you can’t resist buying dark and super bright lipsticks, but bold colors for everyday wear aren’t your thing, turn your neglected shades into tinted lip balms. All you need is some Chapstick or beeswax and a stove. Check out this easy video tutorial for a full how-to.

Lipstick = Cream Eyeshadow
Any color lipstick will work as a cream eyeshadow. Backstage at Creatures of the Wind‘s Spring 2013 runway show, Nars Global Director of Artistry James Boehmer worked a magenta shade of lip pencil (Nars Damned) all over the eye for a cool, mysterious look. Plus, lipstick leaves an awesome glossy finish that will have everyone asking you what eyeshadow you have on.

Lipstick = Eyeshadow Primer
If you have any nude lipsticks lying around, use them as a base for powder eyeshadow. Matte lipstick has a similar consistency as a concealer or primer, so powders will stick to it and stay put all day long. Or, if you really want a subtle shade of eyeshadow to pop, use a similar shade of lipstick as a base and layer powder on top for a double whammy of color.

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