4 Favorite Razors For The Warmer Weather

Rachel Adler

Now that it’s March and warmer weather might be approaching, the days of shaving once a week are coming to an end. Sorry guys, it happens, we’re busy people. In order to make our lives a little bit easier, having a razor that both accurately does it’s job, and moisturizes your lovely gams is a must. I’ve been quite a devout user of the Venus razor since I begged my mom to start shaving as a young one (or okay, just started doing it without asking), but in recent years have come across a few others that have stolen my heart.

Below you’ll find the answers to your razor problems no more nicks, dry legs, or wasting 20 minutes in the shower.

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This 4 blade razor gives you an extremely close shave, but has a great moisturizing strip that not only protects, but also keeps your skin soft and smooth. (Noxzema Spa Shave 4-Blade Shavers, $5.99, walgreens.com)

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Schick’s razor lathers up with a “moisturizing solid” leaving no need for shaving cream. This new edition is also scented in both the solid and the handle. (Schick Intuition Plus Renewing Moisture Razor with Pomegranate Extract, $10.49, cvs.com)

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Couldn’t leave out Venus their latest razor, the Embrace, brags 5 razors for an uber close shave and a “ribbon” moisturizing strip to give you silky smooth legs, always. (Gilette Venus Embrace Razor, $10.79, walgreens.com)

117478 1299085588 4 Favorite Razors For The Warmer Weather

The Bic shimmer razor has cocoa butter in the moisture strip for an extra smooth shave and the contoured handle helps with control. (Bic Soleil Shimmer Razor, $6.99, cvs.com)

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